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  1. 😂 Yes we love food. Share your fave recipes if there is any. And if you went out or visit overseas (before), you are more than welcome to share your food experiences at the other thread so we, too, can maybe visit later and most importantly, drool at your yummy food.
  2. Introducing Yang Se Jong's 5 Dramas' His Crying Scenes - Part 1 Yang Se Jong may be a rookie actor, but when it comes to emotional (crying) scenes, he had always had them in the bag since Day 1. Tears stream naturally down from the middle of his eye(s) down to cheek. He cries beautifully is what makes it even more captivating. 2016 - Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim source: mademoisellesia The only crying scene Se Jong had, but his delivery of lines, the emotions and that one tear streaming down his cheek was powerful enough in displaying how tough the decision was for In Beom to tell the father he was proud of & highly admired that he now wants to be independent, that he won't be able to stand beside him. 2017 - Saimdang source: Attractive Ugh, I literally heard Lee Gyeom's heart crush into pieces with that tear as Saimdang tells him she has consummated her marriage the night before...💔 2017 - Duel source: new bell Se Jong plays two clones, both Sung Joon and Sung Hoon - their last heart-breaking confrontation but emotional scene. 💕
  3. 2020.06.06 Yang Se Jong's Military Camp Photo 2020.06.13 New Military Photo - Last week of training [News] 2020.06.17 Yang Se Jong Receives Commendation for His Outstanding Performance in the Military Actor Yang Se Jong received commendation upon completing his 5-week military training. On June 17, Yang Se Jong's management agency revealed that the actor was awarded commendation for his outstanding overall performance among the training soldiers. The agency said, "Yang Se Jong has received commendation for his outstanding performance in the military from the divisional commander." They continued, "He just had a completion ceremony, and he's doing very well in the military." Then, photos of Yang Se Jong receiving and holding the certificate of commendation were shared online soon after. In the photos, Yang Se Jong indeed looked happy; he looked like he has gained a little of weight while there as well. Yang Se Jong started his military service on May 12, and is expected to be discharged in November 2021. source: SBS Star
  4. D-Day 2020.05.12 Official Day of Yang Se Jong's enlistment Yang Se Jong has officially reported his active military service duty today at 2 pm. It was as he had wish, to be quiet and not publicized. He'll carry out 5 weeks of training at Gangwondo. His 5 years contract with Good People Entertainment has also expired therefore who he will sign with will be the foremost interesting matter when he returns 15th November 2021. See you late 2021, Sejong-ah.
  5. @abs-oluteM I forgot to rant one more thing... my friend, who is NOT into kdramas or kstars chance upon some celebs filming. FILMING!!! What and who could it be? She doesn't know them so she couldn't tell me who she saw. ARGHHHH. Can you tell I will never be chaebol??? No luck whatsoever. Nouveau rich also not gonna happen this life #(*&$(#. I unfortunately tried a shop's fried chicken but I don't think I got a good one. Maybe next time. Rather than pizza hut or McD, I'd recommend Issac Toast. You've probably heard about it. I was very surprised coz it's just toast, how good can it be and it was really tasty. I guess with the amount of PPL Hospital Playlist did for Eggdrop (was it this name?), I'd have to try that one too. But the first thing I'm going for is definitely Myeongdong kyoja & seafood. Is it? Itaewon has lots of foreigners and always jam packed isn't it? Maybe you can go to Go Kyung Pyo and PSH's parents restaurants. PSH sometimes help out there. GKP doesn't since it's far from Seoul. And what's the chance YYS do another coffee truck somewhere? Haha. Actually if he has a musical, you should plan your holiday to see it. 80 Eggroll
  6. TBH I think stalking HB would be hard. He's so private, so where to even begin? Does his die-hard stan know where he live? @abs-oluteM Sigh. Don't even get me started! You know how we always see news/media posted this or that celebs were walking the hall of fame walkway to the airport? I kept my eyes out for it, see nuthing. I even went to Gangnam, the K-Star Road where the agencies of the idols were nearby (not that I was stalking any) and thought I saw Ju Ji Hoon, but at the time I wasn't into him so I now have no way to confirm if I did saw him. I just remember this guy dressed out super nice, hair all slick back (like Hyena) and he smells good... And one day I was out somewhere, Hong Dae maybe, then I went back to my accommodation to rest to only find out that I was closeby and Park Bo Gum was spotted having tea with friend/s. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. My only STARS watching moment only come as close as these: It didn't even feel as real as meeting this face-to-face & being able to touch him: 78 Italian salad dressing
  7. 2020.03.03 MYM Naver Update! A happy day for all Minoz, who hadn't heard from him for more than a week, can now drool at these bts endorsement photos and look forward to a new Domino's Pizza CF (I think! Can't keep track with all his endorsements). I am, still, waiting for a car CF though. Tsk. My personal favourite is this shot... but I couldn't leave out these few ones, especially the emphasis on that prominent Adam's Apple! Want more HD Lee Min Ho? Get it → HERE
  8. Shin Yong Jae's Feel You appearing in the background in the scene where Hyun Soo broke down and apologises non-stop to Ji Won was so apt, even I didn't know the lyrics - I feel the emotions. Ok, I didn't bawl my eyes out like you guys but I have a bit of tears in the eyes. And I was all "awww" that Ji Won "felt" his love and trusted him and gotten past the hurt to know that he does love her, even when he himself doesn't understand it. I'm surprise the cat is out of the bag; it's sooner than I thought. I don't believe Do Min Seok threatened Baek Hee Sung though as Hee Sung claimed. Do you guys believe that? Psychopath is pretty good at manipulation so I believe he's now feigning innocence. I even think perhaps Papa Baek paid the thugs to get rid of Do Min Seok and staged it as suicide.
  9. @im0202 I thought so, it looks pretty real that he played the piano bits in the BTS. It'd be lovely he actually learnt them, like how Juri did when she plays Nodame. Tamaki Hiroshi learnt piano too, just the part they have to film and he focuses more on conducting after. Kim Min Jae trained as an idol actually, but didn't debut as one. He raps and dance pretty well too. The second YouTube isn't him, it's not his voice and there's a lot of Kim Min Jae.
  10. [News] 2020.09.03 Jung Hae-in to make Netflix debut with original series 'D.P' By Lee Gyu-lee Actor Jung Hae-in is making his Netflix debut in the original series "D.P." (Deserter Pursuit). The streaming giant unveiled the cast lineup on Thursday, announcing Jung as the lead character. He will play quiet, tough-minded army private Jun-ho, who is stationed at a unit responsible for arresting deserters. The series, adapted from the webtoon of the same name, will follow his encounters with AWOL soldiers and his struggle to keep his moral compass as he decides the fate of the confused young adults. The series, directed by Han Jun-hee ― known for the 2015 crime-action film "Coin Locker Girl" ―, also stars Koo Kyo-hwan of zombie flick "Peninsula," Kim Sung-kyun of the hit TV drama "Reply 1994" and Son Suk-gu of Netflix's "Sense8." Koo plays corporal Ho-yeol while Kim's role is sergeant Bum-gu, fellow soldiers in the unit. Son is the antagonist, elite lieutenant Ji-seob, who disapproves of the unit. The series is co-scripted by the webtoon's creator Kim Bo-tong and Han. source: The Korea Times
  11. Coz you only have 3 hours of sleep!!!
  12. 70 Honey Lemon Tea I miss popiah. Our homemade ones are so different to the ones outside/restaurants. Are you planning to stalk BinJin? OMO, finally this emoji is back ! One more to go... what happened to two of the foxes, btw?
  13. Hello Monster was my fave, he and Seo In Guk - aw man, fell in love with the bromance. It's the storyline as well, I love the presentation of the psychos in this story. Too bad it was underrated at the time. I thought it was a smart show. Not to mention the acting was really good from SIG, PBG, DO and CWY. I only watch cuts of Wonderful Days but after that I checked out all his projects. Hello Monster and Reply 88 were the top 2 for me. Although a really small role, but he stood out in Roaring Currents. I enjoyed that movie. Coin Locker Girl he played a small part too but his sunny side really shone and played a huge contrast to the darkness of the female lead's characters and story. The movie was not my cuppa, but it was memorable. Oh I forgot, I also saw him in two other movies - Blind and A Hard Day. Haha. I'm looking forward to Seobok with Gong Yoo. Fingers crossed it will be good! True, he's become a mascot. Everybody loves him. How? It's not possible, he's human. Haha. I have doubts.
  14. What happen in food thread couple days ago? Look for Asian groceries. They should have some. Tell me about it. I feel exactly the same. Why do I have to work so long and so little play time!? Yeah let's not talk about weekends, period. P.S. Munching on those delicious sunflower seeds right now....
  15. 2020.09.03 Cellreturn CF Photo - New More Cellreturn pics - Throwback source: cellreturn-official
  16. Is there anything important, like character descriptions, for the words on these pictures?
  17. Park Eun Bin has this really soft "sweetness" (?) "sweet voice" (?) And then Kim Min Jae's deep, low voice is smexy. And ooooh, he has dimples too. Should I move my shrine over here??? I hope he gets more recognition with this drama. He's had the potential of being a male lead. Ok, this I MUST know, did he play the piano part himself in that scene (even if it's short)?? What did the caption say? @abs-oluteM Hmm, I don't see crumbs unless it's in the things they say. 😅
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