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YiXi Couple (Cheng Yi - Zhang Yu Xi)

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@40somethingahjummasince all in mandarin, is there any interesting conversation from this clips? 


I know some part where YX was trying to get her ideal partner to completing the genetics pool for their babies lols... and CY reaction is quite funny when he clasped his hand 😂





I decided to open this drama, as while I'm looking forward to watch Immortal Samara with YZ, I still think this pairing have the best chemistry in my book. They both so thin and have small build, and since it's they have 3 dramas together they must somehow have good relationship. 


In BTS CY looked more relaxed, fun and playful. But in interview or Happy Camp he seems to be more guarded, shy and more formal. 


@IpohBananatagged you here too hehe... 

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