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Miss S 旗袍美探 [2020]

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Chinese title:  旗袍美探 / Qi Pao Mei Tan
English title: Miss S

Genre:  Republic, Suspense

Director: Deng Ke (邓科)

Episodes: 34

Broadcast Date: 8/28/2020



Ma Yi Li as Su Wenli
Gao Wei Guang as Luo Qiuheng
Dong Xuan as Liu Ruqing
Bu Guan Jin as Xiao Taozi
Wu Hao Chen as Shen Xiaoan
Tien Niu as Han Rong
Yao An Lian ‎ as Ding Rushan
Liu Yi Hang as Xiao Tan
Xu Shao Ying as Lao Song
Guo Qiu Cheng as Uncle Yang
Xu Rong Zhen as Lu Siyin
Sun Sheng Hao as Qin Yiyan



Set in the Shanghai Bund in the 1940s, it revolves around a female detective who solve multiple cases.






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A couple of months ago I saw the trailer for this and it reminded me of the Phryne Fisher detective series. I've never seen the tv show before but I've read a couple of novels. Lo and behold, I found out that it is based (very loosely based) on the Phryne Fisher franchise.  The show has a light-hearted, fun vibe  and even with my mediocre Mandarin I can follow it with varying degrees of ease. :smug: A detective show featuring a female lead can always be a hit and miss and this one gets more right than wrong.


Su Wenli has just returned to Shanghai from France and even as she disembarks from the ship, she's immediately on the job giving the local cops a hand. Before long she becomes the concession's highest ranking official detective's biggest headache... and soon they become de facto partners-in-crime. It's certainly the case that Wenli has a reckless, daring streak and she can get in his way or put herself in harm's way Eventually, however, the chief inspector pragmatically acknowledges her uses  and realises that she's better off where he can see her. Moreover she soon has him eating out of her hand... literally.


The leads have great chemistry and the UST is palpable.  Moreover the attraction is almost instant and it doesn't take them too long before they flirt shamelessly. The banter is terrific too. Not mention Su Wenli has a wardrobe the envy of women the world over whether it's qi pao or western attire of the era. 1920s fashion is incomparable to my mind. Although I often wonder how she manages to run around and navigate rough terrain in stilettos because I can barely balance on them. The actress in the title role (Ma Yili)  is new to me but she revels in the role with relish. She's coquettish and frivolous when she needs to be (some of it is an act) and there is a deeply serious side.  Vengo Gao isn't exactly one of my favourites but he's suits the role to the T (literally and metaphorically) and I am enjoying his portrayal in this as Chief Inspector Luo Qiuheng who seems no-nonsense on the surface but is really a big softie. What's also oozing with cuteness is his 2IC Shen Xiao'an's romance with Xiao Taozi (Little Peach), Wenli's home helper and all-round assistant.


The team (it is a team effort) find themselves embroiled a series of homicides related to life in Shanghai during the Roaring Twenties. Even the chief inspector wryly notes that Wenli seems to turn up whenever there's a body but of course Su Wenli is an inveterate busybody. And it behooves him often to rescue her from her clutches of death. However, Wenli also has a nice crew at her disposal who assists her in her investigations.  


The soundtrack is an absolute delight. The opening theme has resonances of Mancini's television work as well as jazzy and swing riffs. I don't doubt that the drama is an unabashed celebration of the Jazz Age. 


Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.18.38 pm


Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.17.35 pm


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Congratulations Vengo!


Congratulations to Gao Wei Guang for winning the 2020 Tencent Entertainment Annual Ceremony X Star Index TV Series Actor of the Year.


Whether as the cold, noble, and affectionate Emperor Donghua in "Three Lives and Three Worlds: Pillow Book", or the handsome and excellent doctor Lin Zhiheng in "Living Toward The Sun", or the outstanding detective Luo Qiuheng in "Miss S", Gao Wei Guang acted all the characters and roles with different aesthetics and textures. He performed his roles with depth and transparency, which clearly and powerfully conveyed the emotions of the characters. The characters he played left lasting impressions to the audience.***




Source 1

Source 2


***Via Google translate with minor editing for grammar/context

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