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My Strange Friend  我的奇怪朋友 [2020]

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National Love Rival (全民情敌) - Theme song

Artist : Jordan Chan

Still Don't Want to Grow Up (还不想长大) - Opening theme song

Artist : Dong You Lin
My Mood is Not Good (我心情不太好) - Ending theme song

Artist : Zheng Yun Long




Bear To (舍得) Artist : Wang Bo Wen
Porcupine and Cactus (刺猬与仙人掌) Artist : Xian Zi
Silent Lover (沉默的恋人) Artist : Zhou Rui
Don't Say Goodbye (不要说再见) Artist : Ban Dun Xiong Di
Use Laughter to Deceive People (以笑欺人) Artist : Lu Kou Kou
Sleepless Night (不眠之夜) Artist : Panda Group
You Can Count On Me Artist : Panda Group


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