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Silk Road Treasure 大昆仑之丝路宝藏 [Pending]

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Chinese title: 大昆仑之丝路宝藏 / Da Kun Lun Si Lu Bao Zang
English title:  Silk Road Treasure

Genre: Period, adventure

Episodes: 50

Director:Pan Jing Cheng

Broadcast Period:



Yan Yi Kuan as Mu Tianshu
Qiao Zhen Yu
Hu Lian Xin
Dong Xuan
Wang Jin Song
Fan Ming
Xue Hao Wen
Liu Di Ni
Song Han Huan



In the year 1892, late Qing Dyansty archaeologist Mu Wen Shan was hunted down by two unknown forces while searching for an ancient map which reveals hidden treasures and rich resources. In order to protect his friend's son Yang Xu, Mu Wen Shan and his wife sacrificed the lives of themselves and their youngest son Mu Tian Shu. Twenty years later, under the name of his late friend Mu Tian Shu, Yang Xu returned to the Western Regions to investigate the death of the Mu family.


Mu Tianshu searched for the mysterious ancient picture along the southern line of the Silk Road. Not only did he discover the the truth of the conspiracy 20 years ago, but also managed to draw out the the Japanese bandits which were disguised as an archaeological team who coveted the treasures of the Western Regions. From a nonchalent youth who did not care about current affairs, Yang Xiang transforms to become a warrior who guard the land and treasures of China. Allying with Kashgar officer Yang Dingchen, they direct the external forces to a battlefield in the Pamir Mountains. In the Kunlun Mountains, Mu Tianshu used the ways of the ancient people, and lured the bandits using their greed for the treasures, before killing them under the grave of King Zhou Mu and Queen Mother of the West using the by Yitian Wanli Long Sword.





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