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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 [2020]

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Chinese title: 青青子衿 / Qing Qing Zi Jin
English title: Qing Qing Zi Jin

Genre:  Historical, School

Director:   Xu Fei (徐飞)

Episodes: 40

Broadcast Date: 8/17/2020



Fan Shi Qi as Luo Qiuchi
Lu Xiao Yu as Wen Renjun
Xie Bin Bin as Hang Ruxue
Yu Ting Er as Wen Renshu
Zhang Yu Qi as Sun Zuoyang
Zhang Chen Guang as Wen Renjing
Huang Hai Bing as Lu Xingyun
Han Dong as Zhou Meng
Mou Feng Bin as Previous Sect Leader
Huang Xuan Wen as Fu Yuanzhi
Xi Er Li as Qi Zuoyan



A story set in the Tang Dynasty revolving around Luo Qiuchi, who aspires to be a great poet. He entered the Zhu Xiu Academy to further his studies, where he meets the number one student there, Fu Yuanzhi. The two have different poetry styles, but in the end Luo Qiuzi managed to defeat Fu Yuanzhi in a competition with the "Flying Flowers Order" poem. Thus, he was able to lead the other students with a more "simple" poetry style. Through a series of events events, Luo Qiuchi and the rest of the students were able to mature. They emerged victory in the acdemic exchange between the students of An Nan and Da Tang kingdoms. In the end, Luo Qiuchi emerged as the top scholar in the national entrance examinations, thus contributing to the country.





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