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Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 [2020]

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b00LIdi.jpgChinese title: 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 / Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai
English title:  Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai

Genre:  Historical, romance

Episodes: 24

Director:  Mai Tian

Broadcast Period: November 20th, 2020



He Hua as Su Yinyin
Wang Run Ze as Ning Xiurui
Feng Li Jun as Mo Chengfeng
Zhu Li Lan as Tang Linlin
Liu Rui as Li Qi
Liao Yan Long as Ning Xiuren
An Xiao Ge as Li Si



It tells the story of the second prince of the Dragon tribe, who came to the mortal realm to save the world from drought, but finds out that his lover has turned against the Dragon tribe. He stayed in the mortal realm for five hundred years, trying to find out what he lost.





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