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Times Flies & You are Here 雁归西窗月 [2021]

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Times Flies & You are Here 雁归西窗月


Chinese title: 雁归西窗月 / Yan Gui Xi Chuang Yue
English title: Times Flies & You are Here 

Genre: Historical, romance

Episodes: 45

Director: Sun Kai Kai

Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video

Broadcast Period: 20th May 2021



Zeng Shun Xi as Zhao Xiaoqian
Liang Jie as Xie Jiang'er
Liu Luo Xi
Ren Dong Lin
Huang Meng
Wang Meng Di
Wang Xi Wen
Hu Zheng Fang
Guan Chang as Shen Zhaowen



The series follows the life of the main female lead Liang Jie who plays as Xie Jianger. Xie a daughter of a very big family. She will come across  Zhao Xiaoqian, where they both will go through adventures together and find love for one another. (Credit)




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