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Love Me Like A Child 我的邻居长不大 [2021]

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300px-Love_Me_Like_A_Child.jpegChinese title:  我的邻居长不大 / Wo De Ling Ju Bu Zhang Da
English title: Love Me Like A Child 

Genre: Historical

Episodes: 24

Director: Sun Cheng Zhi

Broadcast Period: July 21st, 2021





Li Xi Rui as Lin Yang
He Yi Qian as Lu Zhengan
Zhou Xiao Chuan
Zhao Yuan Yuan
Lu Xiao Lin
Tian Xi Wei
Shang Bai



31-year old Lin Yang is accomplished at work, but does own anything else and even her apartment was rented. In her boring life, suddenly appears 24-year old Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan was her neighbour who grew up with her, and has returned from studying overseas. He tries hard to enter her life, and eventually succeeds in moving into her house and intruding into her work. Lin Xiang constantly reminds herself that Lu Zhengnan is a younger brother, but ultimately could not withstand Lu Zhengan's charms. Her boring life and sleeping heart was awakened with the appearance of Lu Zhengan, and she finds herself falling for him.





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