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The Promise of Chang An 长安诺 [2020]


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300px-The_Promise_of_Chang%27an.jpgChinese title: 长安诺/ Chang An Nuo
English title: The Promise of Chang An 

Genre:  Historical, Politics, Romance

Episodes: 61

Director:  Yin Tao

Broadcast Period: 9/10/2020



Zhao Ying Zi as Helan Mingyu
Cheng Yi as Xiao Chengxu
Han Dong as Xiao ChengruiLiang Jing Xian as Ling Xiao'er
Han Cheng Yu as Xiao Qiyuan
Yang Chao Yue as Dong Ruoxuan
Wang Jin Song as Xiao Shangyuan
Wang Lin as Imperial Consort Lin
Huang You Ming as Situ Gun
Zhang Rui as Helan Keyong
Liu Meng Meng as Helan Guanyin
Wu Jing Jing as Helan Yunqi
Zhao Wen Hao as Xiao Chengxuan
He Zhong Hua as Xiao Chengli
Zhao Dong Ze as Xiao Qiyuan
Xue Ze Yuan as Xiao Qirong
Zhang Mo Xi as Imperial Consort Qiaohui
Huang Yi as Su Yuying
Fu Fang Jun as Xin Chengyao
Li Ze as Xiao Chengtai
Tang Rui Xue as Situ Zhen



The granddaughter of the esteemed Yonglin leader, Helan Mingyu (Zhao Han Ying Zi) grew up well in the country of Sheng. Honest and bright, she caught the eye of many young men, but it was the Ninth Prince, Xiao Cheng Xu (Cheng Yi), who eventually won her heart. Happy as they were, their love was fated for ruin. Determined to help his older brother, Xiao Cheng Rui (Han Dong) ascend the throne, Cheng Xu sets out for war, well aware that his victory on the battlefield would help solidify his brother’s position as king. Soon news of Cheng Xu’s death in battle reaches Mingyu and though heartbroken, she has no choice but to move on.  

Caught up in the tangled inner-workings of the palace, Mingyu finds that the fate of Cheng Xu’s younger brother, Xiao Cheng Xuan (Zhao Wen Hao), is in her hands. To save Cheng Xuan, Mingyu is forced to marry the now ruling king, Cheng Rui. With Mingyu by his side, Cheng Rui establishes a great and stable nation and his family line flourishes. But there is little peace within the palace. Returning from war, very much alive and furious with his brother for stealing the woman he loves, Cheng Xu is determined to have his revenge. But before he can succeed, the king is struck down by an old illness. On his deathbed, Cheng Rui declares his son, Xiao Qi Yuan (Zhao Dong Ze), as his successor.

Seeing this as his opportunity to have his revenge, Cheng Xu takes the young ruler under his wing. But Qi Yuan grows tired of his uncle’s meddling, especially after he learns of Cheng Xu’s feelings for his mother. As Empress Dowager, Mingyu realizes that to save her family and help her people, she must use her wisdom to bring peace to the palace and prosperity to the Great Sheng Nation.



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