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The Secret of Love ll The Secret of Not Falling in Love 不能恋爱的秘密 [2021]


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Chinese title: 不能恋爱的秘密 / Bu Neng Lian Ai De Mi Mi
English title: The Secret of Love ll  The Secret of Not Falling in Love

Genre: Romance, suspense


Director: Zhan Cheng Lin

Broadcast Period: 16th Jun 2021



Liu Yi Chang as Li Jiashang
Yuan Yu Xuan as Mu Xiao / Su Yi
Zhang Si Fan as Zheng He
Xu Xiao Nuo as Xia Xiyang
Sun Xiao Lun as Wu Manni
Qian Zhe



Su Yi loses her memory after getting burnt in a fire accident. In the midst of searching for the truth and her memories, she meets Li Jiacheng, whom has countless ties to the incident. In the workplace, the two of them are seemingly at odds, but gradually form a tactical partnership of equal footing.





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