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Busted! 범인은 바로 너! [2021]


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Production Company: Company SangSang & Netflix Services Korea Ltd

Episode: [Waiting for more information]

Airing Dates: 22 January 2021

Genre: Mystery Fiction, Thriller, Variety Show

Twitter: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here

Website: Click Here




Season 1 (May 4th 2018)

Seven celebrity sleuths discover that they are a part of an operation called Project D, in which they are implanted with a chip containing the DNA of famous detectives throughout history. Led by a man only known as "K" (Ahn Nae-sang), they are recruited as private detectives and are given a new case in each episode, all the while figuring out the mystery behind Project D and its inception.

Season 2 (8th November 2019)

One year after the incidents of Season 1, the detectives reunite with a new recruit to unveil the truth of K's death. With different murder cases that are interconnected, they conclude to search for the murderer named "Flower Killer".

Season 3 (22th January 2021)

With old faces back on the team, the detectives investigate a series of bewildering cases that seem to be linked to a shady organization.





Yoo Jae-suk (S1,2,3)

Ahn Jae-wook(S1,2)

Kim Jong-min (S1,2,3)

Lee Kwang-soo (S1,3)

Park Min-young (S1,2,3)

Oh Se-hun (S1,2,3)

Kim Se-jeong (S1,2,3)

Lee Seung-gi (S2,3)


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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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