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Heroes In Harm's Way 最美逆行者 [2020]


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400px-Heroes_In_Harm%27s_Way.jpgChinese title: 最美逆行者 / Zui Mei Ni Xing Zhe
English title: Heroes In Harm's Way

Genre: Medical, drama

Director: Ju Xing Mao

Episodes: 14

Broadcast Date: 9/17/2020




Chen Shu as Xiao Ning
Wang Zhi Fei as Director Hua
Liu Wei Wei as Li Wenli
Ren Shuai
Wei Qing
Ren Min
Niu Bao Jun
Bai Zhi Di
Wang Li Yuan

Yang Zhi Gang as Yue Lubing
Jiang Yan as Zhou Xingyan
Wei Zi
Yu Yi
Xu Huan Shan

Sa Ri Na
Li Yi Xiao as Li Susu
Huang Jun Peng

Shi Ke as Wu Jia
Xu Jiao as Zou Xiaoxi
Kan Qing Zi as Xu Meng
Lian Yi Ming
Wang Lan as Cai Ding's mother
He Ming Han as Chai Sang
Zhang Shen
Hai Yang
Meng A Sai
Li Chao Ping
Xiao Zhan as Cai Ding
Jin Jing as Sister Fang



Based on the real life event of the Covid19 pandemic in Wuhan, it tells the story of ordinary folks and their battle against the illness.





@Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list.








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20 minutes ago, Lynne said:

14 episodes of tears! 

wait isn't there a short drama/film airing about the doctors in wuhan? 



yes.....u know there is a short clips that touches on the a wuhan nurse during 'Back to Field' which had Huang XiaoMing as the guest? 


even He LaoShi tear up.....and when they were showing that clips....seeing the nurse bald head had me tearing too

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