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Miss Gu Who is Silent 沉默不语的顾小姐 [2020]


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300px-Miss_Gu_Who_is_Silent.jpgChinese title: 沉默不语的顾小姐 / Chen mo bu yu de gu xiao jie
English title: Miss Gu Who is Silent

Genre: Crime, mystery, suspense, romance

Episodes: 20

Director: Sun Hao

Broadcast Period: 9/23/2020




A Li Ya as Gu Xingdan
Li Zi Feng as Wen Molin
Cai Zhuo Yin as Wen Ke'er
Ye Xiao Wei as Mu Sen
Guo Jia Nan
Sun Kan as Fang Hua
Liu Luo Xi as Liu Xiaowen
Huang Ji Dong
Wang Jing Wen
Zhang Xin Bi as Sang Yu
Sun Yu Tong
Shi Zhi
Wang Kan



Gu Xingdan changes her name and concealed her identity, and set up a series of plans to help her brother wash away his grieve. However, the situation is already controlled by someone and Gu Xingdan falls into a trap and became someone else's chess piece.





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