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Little Doctor 小大夫 [2020]

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Chinese title: 小大夫 / Xiao Da Fu
English title:  Little Doctor 

Genre: Medical, romance

Director: Lu Lun Chang

Episodes: 40

Broadcast Date: Oct/01/2020




Dong Zi Jian as Guo Jing
Zhang Jia Ni as Huang Rong
Liu Min Tao as Huang Caiyun
Li Li Qun as Guo Liye
Wang Zhen Er as Guo Guo
Li Tai as Xiao Rui
Qi Kui as Han Haoyue
Fang Zi Bin as Wu Hantang
Gao Rui Fei Er as Chen Xiaonan
Wang Wan Juan as Yuan Yuan
Cheng Cheng as Lao Yu
Zhao Jiu Yi as Zeng Li
Wang Zi Quan as Chen Feng
Wang Zi Yun as Shu Xin
Lu Qing Chao as Da Kang
Chen Xue Tao as Yuan Dongdong



About how aspiring obstetrician Guo Jing overcomes numerous challenges and obstacles to pursue government worker Huang Rong. As the two support each other in their journies of self-fulfillment, they’re faced with the opposition of Guo Jing’s boss and Huang Rong’s older sister.





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