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New Vanity Fair 新名利场 - Pending

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300px-Xin_Ming_Li_Chang.jpegChinese title: 新名利场 / Xin Ming Li Chang
English title: New Vanity Fair

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 40

Director: Liu Jia Cheng

Broadcast Period: 




Wu Gang as Ding Kemang
Huang Zi Tao as Song Yang
Sun Yi
Han Tong Sheng



Ding Kemang is a talented and reputable theater actor, while his student Song Yang is a popular celebrity. In order to ensure their tickets sell out, the theater troupe cast Song Yang alongside Ding Kemang to act in the play titled Father and Son. Under Ding Kemang's guidance, Song Yang learned to overcome his impulsive nature and withstand the temptation of popularity, and gained an understanding and respect toward the art of performing. Finally, with his hard work, his acting skills improved and he became an actor with both popularity and skills.





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