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Futsuu no Koi wa Jado (Remote Love/Remolove) - 普通の恋は邪道 [JP Drama 2020]

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Title: #リモラブ / #Remolove

Tagline: 普通の恋は邪道 / Futsuu no Koi wa Jado

Also known as: Remote Love ~Ordinary Love is the Wrong Course~

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Drama, Romance

Tags: COVID-19, Social Media, Eccentric Female Lead, Physician, Nice Male Lead, ONLINE ROMANCE, Polyglot, Nice Second Lead, Perfectionist, Foodie

Episodes: TBD

Broadcast network: NTV

Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-14 to TBD

Air time: Wednesday 22:00

Theme song: Shinon by Fukuyama Masaharu



Oozakura Mimi is an industrial physician who has never been in a relationship. To Mimi, protecting the health of the employees is the most important thing and romance comes after that.

Mimi later gets to know someone through social media. Although Mimi does not know the identity of the person, he is actually someone who is working in the same company.











Correlation chart

Kaneki Pulp Corporation


Health Management Department

Haru as Oozakura Mimi (28)

Takahashi Yuto as Yagihara Daiki (22)

Eguchi Noriko as Tomichika Yuri (39)

Imai Takafumi as Fukasugi Akihiko (35)

Tsuihiji Anna as Komadera Natsuki (21)


HR Department

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Asanari Hajime (48)

Matsushita Kouhei as Aobayashi Fuichi (33)

Mamiya Shotaro as Gomoji Juntaro (27)


Sales Department

Watanabe Dai as Misaki Tsuneo (31)

Kawaei Rina as Abiko Saori (25)

Izakaya "Oto"

Nishihori Ryo (西堀亮) as Otomaki Hirokichi (48)

Fukuchi Momoko as Otomaki Shiori (24)



Sakuma Reku (佐久間玲駈) as Asanari Tamotsu (11)

Shoinji Taiyuu (松陰寺太勇) as Lemon (ep2)

Yamazaki Hajime as Aobayashi Kikutaro (ep4)

Hagiwara Riku as Kasamai Ren (ep5-)


Production Credits

Screenwriter: Mizuhashi Fumie

Chief Producer: Nishi Norihiko

Producer: Hazeyama Hiroko, Akimoto Takayuki

Director: Nakajima Satoru, Maruya Shunpei


Official Website :


Twitter : remolove_NTV


Trailer :



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The FL quite funny... She got nickname for all guy around her as food lols.. 




She's a strict & overbearing doctor company who is single and can't find love. I think she will find love in the company, just not sure which one is the guy. 


I think this the only drama I watched with Covid 19 settings and they do wear mask too. 


Ps I think the cabbage will be with her? Or beef jerky? Haha :laugh:


The Ikemen list :



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Finally I found the OST, such a nice song!


Fukuyama Masaharu pens theme song for drama ‘#Remolove’


Fukuyama Masaharu will be providing his song “Shinon” as the theme song for NTV’s upcoming drama ‘#Remolove ~Futsuu no Koi wa Jado~’ that’s set to premiere on October 14.

Starring Haru, ‘#Remolove’ is a love comedy about a single occupational physician named Ozakura Mimi who falls in love with a person she met on social media. The drama’s staff contacted Fukuyama to provide the theme song. After learning about the drama’s worldview, he wrote a song that expresses the feelings of the protagonist after she has been putting off her love life. He commented, “For Mimi and the characters in the drama, what are the necessities of ‘love’ as they live their lives? I wrote this with that theme.”
Cr. Tokyohive.com


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Nice Quote from the drama :


Everyone have a hole in their hearts. Some try to fill it with family, love, friends, hobbies, animals, idols...  


The psychiatrist shared this to the ML, and the ML asked the FL how she fill the gap in her heart. The drama has a very nice progress from awkward colleague to become sweet lover. 


The ML sweet & very kind to people around him, and he's so pure too. I found him very refreshing. The FL is overbearing clinic doctor who's very strict at first. But she have a lot of cutesy side in her. 


Please give a try to this drama. It's so realistic with Covid 19 settings. And even they wear mask, it's so enjoyable. Everyone so good with their acting, and it's their eyes that cater the meaning of the dramas. It's very funny as well, highly recommended! 


P.s So swoon everytime they adjust each other mask... 



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The HR team indeed very close to each other. As they always call Aobayashi as Ao-chan. 



A very familiar term, "~ chan (~ちゃん)" is often attached to children's names when calling them by their given names. It can also be attached to kinship terms in a childish language.

Cr. Thoughtco


When watching J-drama, normally I paid attention to this suffix, and how they call each other either by first name or surname. As this will be an indication on how's the relationship closeness going on between the person.  


P.s I'm not native speaker haha... would love to have the opinion of native Japanese... 

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