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Love Is Written In The Stars 看见缘分的少女 [2023]

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Chinese title: 看见缘分的少女 / Kan Jian Yuan Fen De Shao Nu
English title: Love is Written in the Stars

Genre: Historical, romance, school, comedy

Director:  Shen Jin Fei

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: 2021



Ao Rui Peng as Wei Qi
Qi Yan Di as Zhou Yuan
Ian Yi
Yang Xin Ying
Yang Lin
Pan Yue Tong
Quan Pei Lun
Xu Xiao Han
Zhang Ke Ai











Zhou Yuan, a girl who will get sick the moment she falls in love, disguises as a guy and entered Qing Yun Academy in order to protect her brother. There, she meets Wei Qi, a young master who is scared of marriage and is rumored to jinx his future wife.





Official Links:

Weibo l Douban l Baidu

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