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Celestial Authority Academy 通天书院 [2021]


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gndQL3m.jpgTitle: 通天书院 / Tong Tian Shu Yuan
English title: Celestial Authority Academy
Genre: Historical, romance, school
Episodes: 24

Director: Wu Jun Xian (吴俊贤)
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: Feb/25/2021



Zhou Yan Chen as Cui Chuyi
Zhang Rui Xi as Cui Chuyi (young)
Xu Hao as Song Lianyu
Qin Fen as Qian Jiagu
Han Mu Bo as Duan Shaoxuan
Gao Mao Tong as Gong Zirun
Yu Nai Jia as Lan Zi
Hao Zi Qi as Lan Zi (young)
Xie Xin Bei as Su Yaohua
Meng Zi Di as Yan Shixuan
Wang Xin Ting as Fang Yiqing
Liu Yu Tong as Yue Huasheng
Jin Yong San as Xing Ruizhi
Zhang Ke Yuan as Fan Xiaoyu
Gu Tian Yi as Gao Xueqing
Li Lin Fei as Duan Qinghuan
Qu Meng Ru as Du Lingxi
Li Jia Wei as Fan Danqing
Sha Zi Xuan as Zhao Xun
Wang Chuang as Scholar Gong
Wang Yi Tong as Aunt Sun
Peng Li Na as Mother Fang
Meng Peng as Prince Xian
Liu Hao Jun Long as Song Shanming
Huang Yu Qing as Zhai Zhang
Cui Yi Fan as Tang Zhang
Chen Guo Yao as Teacher Wang
Liu Zhi Wei as Teacher Le
Zheng Jian Wei as Housekeeper
Zhang Hao Ge as Lao Zhang
Xiao Fan as Hua Rong
Wang Lin Mo as Du Mo
Zhou Shi Bin as Constable Cui
Feng Li Ping as Minister Zhang
Song Fang Yuan as Hua Gu
Lu Wen Bo as Physician



The story is set in the prosperous and peaceful Celestial Dynasty. Celestial Authority Academy is built by the four imperial families who try to consolidate their family's position though it. And imperial families fight with one another to get a spot in it. A famous, talented, and well-loved writer (the Empress is one of his hardcore fan!) enrolls in the academy in his own right and without taking the entrance exam. Unexpectedly, this good-looking, gifted young man turns out to be a girl. And many men eventually fall for her. What follows is a insanely sweet, grandiose campus love story.


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