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Sassy Beauty 潇洒佳人淡淡妆 [2022]

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Title: 潇洒佳人淡淡妆 / Xiao Sa Jia Ren Dan Dan Zhuang
English title:
Genre: Historical, romance
Episodes: 24

Director: Qu Rong Da
Screenwriter: Lu Qing Yu
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: 14th Jan 2022



Kong Xue Er as Si Yan
Yan Zi Dong as Qi Guan Yi
Kang Ke Ren as TongRui
Deng Wei as JieKe
Zheng Fan Xing as Qi GuanBao
Sun Ya Li as LanMiao
Yu Nai Jia
Xie Zhi Xun as Qi GuanDa
Cao Wan Jin as Min TaoTao
Zhao Ke Di as Qi GuanXiu
Lei Shu
Lu Fang Zhi
Wang Xing Wei



As a beauty blogger thrown into the game system, Si Yan is fortunate that the equipment in this system is all popular beauty products. The sad thing is, even if she is sitting on the world's lipstick, she has no time to try a color happily. It is also very tiring to be busy helping the concubine control oil and helping the empress smooth dry lines and fine lines every day.
(Source: shubaow.net)


Official Links:

Weibo l Douban l Baidu

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