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From Now On, Showtime! 지금부터 쇼타임! [2022]

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From Now On, Showtime!

지금부터 쇼타임!




Writer: Ha Yoon Ah

Air Date: April 23rd, 2022



Park Hae Jin as Cha Cha Woong

Jin Ki Joo as Go Seul Hae

Jung Jun Ho as General Choi Gum

Jung Seok Young as Nam San Geon



Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin) is a popular magician known for his good looks, but also his biting remarks. He also has the secret ability of seeing and communicating with ghosts. He does not fear the ghosts and can get them to tell him things and even do things for him. With his ability, Cha Cha Woong gets involved in solving crimes with a female police detective Go Seul Hae (Jin Ki Joo). As they work together, they also start developing feelings for each other.


credit: AsianWiki.com


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I suppose the big question to this drama now that Park Hae Jin has agreed to it is who his FL is going to be.


At least the writing should be good with Ha Yoon Ah. I was really impressed with Mystic Pop Up Bar when I finally got around to watching it. So much so that I've already rewatched it since.


I wish they had a director attached to the project as well, though, since that will also tell us something about the direction of the drama.


Anyway, here is an article announcing the drama and PHJ's role in it.




News regarding upcoming K-Drama releases is hitting up fans' notifications. Adding to the long list of exciting projects lined up for K-Drama's global audience for this year is "From Now On, Showtime!" 


Just today, it was confirmed that "Cheese In The Trap" star Park Hae Jin will be leading the romantic-comedy Korean drama about ghosts. Park Hae Jin's agency, Mountain Movement, announced the good news to fans who are excited to see the actor on the small screen this 2021.


The exciting drama project is written by Ha Yoon Ah, who was also the mastermind for the 2020 hit fantasy-comedy drama "Mystic Pop-up Bar." As of this writing, there no confirmation as to which broadcasting network will air the drama. Meanwhile, the production team is still in the process of casting other actors who will be joining Park Hae Jin in this project.


Fans are excited to see Park Hae Jin take up the role of the charismatic magician as the actor has also proven himself to be a versatile one in the industry. The 38-year-old actor was best known for his role as Shin Myung Hoon, a ruthless man in 2008 hit MBC drama "East of Eden." He also played the main role for Korean dramas such as "Cheese In The Trap" and "Kkondae Intern." Park Hae Jin has also has starred in various Chinese dramas throughout his career, such as "Another Brilliant Life (2012)" and "Secret Society of Men - Friends (2015)" among many others. 



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It's confirmed that it'll air in 2022 and filming will start in September. It's being broadcast on MBC which doesn't make me that excited anymore. I haven't been a fan of MBC dramas lately. Hopefully, the writer can pull through with a good one!! 


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I was not sure what to expect with this drama, but I really liked the first episode. Cha Woong got where he is because he used his supernatural ability to his advantage. The ghosts talking about creating a union to fight Cha Woong was funny, haha! To help Cha Woong, seems like he's taking care of their families and preventing them from crossing over (something the three of them do not want to do). 


Curious to see where this goes! 

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This show is fun and I love it! I like Park Hae Jin but have not enjoyed his previous projects. Hoping this one will be just as good as the writer's last drama (Mystic Pop-Up Bar). 


Now that his spirit has shown up, I'm curious to see how he's going to help/guide Cha Woong as well as how Seul Hae is going to change his perspective on others. She is quite similar to his haraboji in the way she thinks. 


The secret behind his magic. :lmao2::lmao2:



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Caught the first 2 episodes, and I agree with @Tofuthat this drama is really funny. I can already tell that it's going to try to wring tears from the viewers, but at least it should keep giving us reasons to laugh.


Not sure how I feel about Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin) being such a materialistic brat. I think his back story of seeing his grandfather be a shaman for the people who aren't the most loyal is a bit weak to explain his virulence and coldness in dealing with people. Then again, it's pretty entertaining watching CW be a brat who then gets taken down a few pegs.


Seul Hae (Jin Ki Joo), the police patrol officer who wants to become a detective, definitely has a twisted back story. Her father was killed by the Moonlight Murderer who was never caught. She was taken in and raised by her father's partner,  Seo Chang Ho, but there is clearly more to the story. The father's partner who is now the police captain may be more involved with her father's death. The father's partner also keeps blocking her attempts to become a detective. His son, Seo Hee Soo however, is a detective. Seul Hae has a massive crush on him, and he seems to like her as well, however, they are not a couple. Neither one seems to have told the other that they like the other.


CW is also showing some signs of petty jealousy over how SH giggles and hangs on CH's words while being suspicious and combative with him. I don't think it's romantic or anything like that as yet, but it's a sign that CW isn't indifferent to SH.


The best part, however, about this drama are the ghosts. There are 3 ghosts who are working for CW, mostly in the magic show that CW has put together. And the scenes where CW's amazing magic is shown to actually be a lot of effort on the ghosts' parts is hilarious.


There is also an inhabiting spirit, Choi Gum, who guided CW's grandfather, and is now looking to have CW serve him now that CW's grandfather is gone. It will be an interesting test of wills between them. However, my question is whether if CW really does deny CG and being a shaman, whether CW would lose his ability to see the dead?


Anyway, thanks @Tofu for recommending this drama. I need something lighter and funnier to watch, especially since the other 2 I'm watching are more serious and/or slow. @abs-oluteM, come have a watch if you have time.

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I just finished Mystic Pop Up Bar somehow, and was not knowing that this drama came from the same writer. @40somethingahjummayou might enjoy this too. 


I came here because our @Tofu highly recommended this, and so far it's really entertaining. 


I immediately like JKJ's character, as she's very lively yet at second can become really immersed in delivering justice and catching culprit. Liking how they setup their meeting and tangled in the criminal cases together. Those 3 ghosts really funny too. 


I can see the pairing have good chemistry and I'm really looking forward for more of them. 

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Ooooh... is that Park Haejin I see? Okay, I'll put it on my watchlist. Haven't see him in anything since Forest. (The less said about that one the better)


I wish I could keep up with everything but there are only so many hours in a day.


Thanks @SilverMoonTea. If you manage to finish Mystic Pop-up Bar, you must enjoyed it. ;)

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