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Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 2020

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From student and professor to husband and wife, all because of a contract. This drama is about how 2 individuals from 2 different backgrounds make things work. The professor is almost a perfectionist in everything he does, he needs to calculate everything down on every single detail before he can decide to go for it, while the student, she always does things casually, it doesn't matter to her which is which as long as it works.


These two very different people become tied together by a marriage contract formed to fulfill the last wishes of the professor's grandfather who wanted to see his grandson happily married.


Of the whole drama, the best is for me is when YunLan (SiNian's Ex GF) requested a goodbye or last hug to show the end of their relationship, ShiNian actually responded with a handshake, politely declining to hug YunLan. This was one of the best responses, so that I actually crown ShiNian the best husband of the year. YunShu was there, however ShiNian wasn't aware that she was there when he declined YunLan's request. This meant ShiNian lived up to his own integrity as YunShun's husband and also justified her trust in him.


Gif Credit: (Weibo - 猫丸酱w)



Pretty common plot that you can see in many dramas, however it was all really nicely tied together, though I can't say much for the side stories since I did not really enjoy any of it except for the plot of the main cast. The side stories were pretty draggy in my eyes. They also don't follow the book completely, even though they did follow some of the scenes but with some nice changes to it.


Cast/acting: 8/10
Miles Wei & Xu RuoHan did really well as SiNian & YunShu, their chemistry made you stick with their story till the end.  Even though the side liners were pretty good with their lines, I skipped most of their parts, probably because their plots or lines were pretty boring, to be honest.


Production value: 7/10
Good house setting and good scenery in the outskirted area.


Re-watch value:  9/10
Of course I will re-watch it for the main couple, though definitely not for the side stories :)


Editor: @stroppyse

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Thanks for the review, @NiteWalker!


You know when you start watching a drama with little information and end up enjoying every bit of it? That was Perfect and Casual for me. Prior to watching, I knew very little about it. I was in the market for a romance drama because work has been stressful and to me, romance dramas are really easy to watch (no thinking involved). I ended up liking this drama so much that I've re-watched some of my favorite scenes already. 


The main couple is one of my favorites from the C-Dramas I've watched this year. Both leads learned to naturally love each other and had good communication along the way. They wanted nothing more than the other person to live out their dreams and be happy. It felt nice just watching two genuinely kind people fall in love with each other under strange circumstances.


The one thing I dislike about C-Dramas sometimes is that some situations are dragged out for much longer than they should. I was really happy that when their contract ended, there wasn't a long separation with the leads debating if they loved each other. Both of them quickly decided that they wanted to renew their "contact" for life and stayed together. 


As NiteWalker mentioned, I didn't really pay attention to the side couples and ended up skipping a lot of their scenes. Yun Lan loved Lu Yu but had a difficult accepting him. Lu Yu didn't fit the picture of who she thought she would end up with. I don't know much about Yun Shu's two best friend's story. I skipped almost all their scenes because their relationship seemed to be on and off. From what I gathered, the male best friend did almost everything for the female best friend but she couldn't see it. At the end, she realized how much she loved him but it was too late, he left to go work/study abroad. 


Plot/Story - 8/10

Watch this for Yun Shu and Si Nian. The other side couples can be skipped and you wouldn't have missed out on anything. 


Cast/Acting - 8/10 

You can't go wrong with Wei Zheming, but regardless, everyone else was great. I even found myself liking the second leads too. 


Production Value (Aesthetics/OST/Cinematography) - 8/10

It's a modern day drama, so you can't really go wrong with the setting. The house they lived in was small but had a really homey feel. The OSTs were great (in spoiler tag) -- I still listen to some of them on replay. 




Re-Watch Value - 8/10 

I've watched some of my favorite clips already so I guess you can say I'll probably re-watch this a few more times when I don't have any dramas to watch. 



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