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English Title: Bloodhounds

Hangul: 사냥개들

Director: Kim Joo-Hwan

Writer: Jung Chan (webcomic), Kim Joo-Hwan

Episodes: 8

Genre: Gangster, Thriller

Broadcast station: Netflix

Online Streaming Site: Netflix

Production Company: Seed Film & Studio N
Schedule: 9 June 2023

Original Web Novel: Naver Series

Websites: Naver | NamuWiki |


Plot Summary


Gun-Woo (Woo Do-Hwan) is a promising boxer. His mother is deep in debt to loan shark Myung-Gil (Park Sung-Woong), who is powerful and notorious in the money lending business. To pay off his mother's debt, Gun-Woo quits boxing and begins to work for CEO Choi (Heo Jun-Ho).


CEO Choi was once a legendary figure in the moneylending business, but he suddenly disappeared. One day, he reappeared and began to lend money without interest to people in trouble. He lets Gun-Woo work for him. Hyun-Joo (Kim Sae-Ron) and Woo-Jin (Lee Sang-Yi) also works for CEO Choi.


source: AsianWiki


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Lee Do-hyun, Kwak Dong-yeon to star in noir action Netflix series



Rising stars Lee Do-hyun (Youth of May) and Kwak Dong-yeon (Vincenzo) have been confirmed for upcoming Netflix original series, Hunting Dogs. Currently, it’s been reported they are finalizing the details like scheduling and such.


Based on a Naver webtoon by the same name, Hunting Dogs is an 8-episode noir action drama about three men who become tangled up with each other because of debt. It’ll be a joint project between Naver subsidiary and Seed Film (Moral Sense).


Director Kim Joo-hwan of Midnight Runners fame is at the helm, and he’ll begin prep for Hunting Dogs after he finishes filming his current movie Puppy (Puppy to Hunting Dogs. Hur.) which stars Cha Tae-hyun. Art director Lee Bong-hwan, who worked with Kim Joo-hwan in The Divine Fury, will also be joining Hunting Dogs.


Right now, the production staff of Hunting Dogs is holding auditions for the female lead. They’ve revealed they want a fresh-faced rookie to join our two rising stars for the drama. Filming may begin later this year or early next year, depending on Lee Do-hyun’s filming schedule for Melancholia.


Dramabeans Via StarNews


Lee Do Hyun And Kwak Dong Yeon In Talks For New Webtoon-Based Drama


Lee Do Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon may be working together in a new drama!


On June 2, industry representatives reported that the actors will be starring in the Netflix original series “Hunting Dogs” (literal title).


In response to the report, Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua Entertainment commented, “He received a casting offer for ‘Hunting Dogs,’ but it is one of several projects he is considering, so [his appearance in the drama] has not been confirmed yet.” Kwak Dong Yeon’s agency H& Entertainment similarly responded, “He received a casting offer, and it is one of the projects he is considering.”


Based on a Naver webtoon, “Hunting Dogs” is about the money hunt of three guys who get entangled with each other due to debt. The 8-episode drama will be written and directed by Kim Joo Hwan, who previously led films such as “Midnight Runners” and “The Divine Fury.” “Hunting Dogs” is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of this year.


Lee Do Hyun is currently starring in “Youth of May” and is also in talks for a drama with Im Soo Jung. Kwak Dong Yeon recently starred in “Vincenzo” and is currently filming for the movie “6/45.”



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Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation



Two of the hottest rising 20s actors known for their talented acting are in talks for a new drama. It is none other than Lee DoHyun ("18 Again", "Youth of May") and Kwak DongYeon ("My Strange Hero", "Vincenzo")! The news has, of course, interested a lot of K-Drama fans who would love to see their pairing.


Lee DoHyun and Kwak DongYeon are offered the lead roles in the thriller and action Netflix original series "Hunting Dogs" (also translated as "Hound Dogs") based on webtoon. Their agencies mentioned that the actors are considering the roles so their casting is not fixed yet.


The drama will be adapting the webtoon of the same title "Hunting Dogs" (in Korean "사냥개들") by JungChan started in 2019. It tells the story of three men who get entangled with each other due to debt and who try to get out of it.

Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation


Director Kim JuHwan (movies "Midnight Runners", "The Divine Fury") is in charge of the adaptation. They would start filming in the second half of the year and it will be composed of 8 episodes.

The news reports did not mention which roles will Lee DoHyun and Kwak DongYeon do if they accept. The webtoon's lead male characters are Kim KunWoo and Choi WooJin, so we can guess that will be their roles.

Let's now have a look at the webtoon and its lead characters (it might contain some spoilers).


Kim KunWoo


Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation

KunWoo is a high school student who discovered his family's difficult situation one day and found out what he can do after meeting Choi WooJin. Kim MyungGil killed his mother Park OkJa.


Choi WooJin


Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation

WooJin is a tough-looking man with red hair. He was expelled from school and lived as a bully. WooJin finds out where CEO Choi lives after he disappeared a long time ago and he makes plans to be able to work with him.


Kim HyunJoo


Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation

HyunJoo works for CEO Choi. She is a Hunting Dog herself. She advised KunWoo to stop working for the Hunting Dogs when he can. However, he does not listen to her and he received work from CEO Choi with WooJin.


Kim MyungGil


Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation

He is a villain who feels joy from the profits he takes from people he is putting to the lowest. He has big connections.


CEO Choi


Have A Look At The Webtoon "Hunting Dogs" With Lee DoHyun & Kwak DongYeon In Talks For Netflix Drama Adaptation


He is a legendary figure of the back world which controlled the country with money. No one could find him when he disappeared with a huge amount of money. He started to work again after years. KunWoo and WooJin start to work for him.


Note that the reports of the drama mention three men as the leads but in the webtoon, it is two men and one woman. There is too little information about the drama for now. We are looking for more information about the drama.


source: KPOPMAP

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2 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

I can imagine Kwak Dong Yeon being the red haired one more than Lee Do Hyun at the moment but I think also because of this, I want them to switch...? (I might regret saying this since I dislike rainbow hair colours).

Hahaha! I know, Kwak Dong Yeon will probably end up being the one with the red hair but I also want to see the roles switch too. 


What do you think? Maybe they shouldn't do the red hair....:laugh:



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2 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

@Tofu Ahahahahahaha... did you do that?

I think it feels different to having the hair up or down too. LOLLL. Either way I'm looking forward to it except "smoking" - the depiction of gangsters always have them smoking so that's the part I don't wish to see xD

Haha, yes! I wanted to see how both would look like with red hair. :lmao2:


Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of smoking either. I don't mind it if they don't show it all the time. Haha!



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6 minutes ago, mademoiselle said:

@Tofu Wait I'm confused? Who do you want to be the red-haired guy? :laugh:


I would like LSY to have the red hair because he needs a nice change -- if you can't win the girls in your other dramas, you might has well change your hair and try something new. :lmao2:


But I'm sure it'll be WDH if he confirms because he has the edgier/sharper look which would match a redish hair style better. 


Watch us talk about this red hair and everyone is going to have black hair instead. Haha! 




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