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First Love Again 循环初恋 [2021]


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First Love Again 循环初恋



Chinese Title: Xun Huan Chu Lian 循环初恋

English Title: First Love Again

Novel: Shi Guang Ji (时光机) by DTT

Director: Wang Yan

Screenwriter: Liu Cheng Long
Episodes: 24

Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: July 29th, 2021



The probability of them meeting was one in a billion. In a parallel time and space, the cold and unapproachable top student Ye Youning encounters the bright and sunny Xia Wenxi. Through an unexpected opportunity, Ye Youning (Patrick Shih) from the future connects with Xia Wenxi (Amy Chen) from the year 2006. Their encounter leads to a sweet romance and a chance to relive high school, to meet old friends again and to experience the taste of first love. (Credit)


Official Websites: 

Baidu | Weibo | Douban


English Subtitles

This drama is part of iQIYI's Sweet On series this summer. You can watch the drama with English subs at the following link below once it airs: https://www.iq.com/play/first-love-again-1615q9g4nz5



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Patrick Shih as Ye Youning



Chen Hao Yu as Xia Wenxi




Gao Mao Tong as Lin Jiaqi




Gao Qiu Zi as Gao Xiaoai




Yang Gen as Yang Wen




Xu Wan Ting as Chen Tingting



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11 hours ago, NiteWalker said:

i dunno about you....however this side look felt a little like Park Seo Jin to me at a glance or from afar

Hahaha! I see what you mean. I don't think they look that similar, but I definitely see the resembles because they have similar features. I'm currently watching Patrick in Someday or One Day. I'm going to try to finish this before this one airs. 


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I watched up to episode 5 so far and it's actually not that bad. I like that the drama tries to explain the time travels which is different from some dramas I've seen that doesn't explain anything (ahem TDOBY). Youning in 2019 is communicating with Wenxi in 2006 to change the fate of Youning's life. It's all to save his grandpa, who suffers from dementia and raised him. I'm at the part where it doesn't matter how Wenxi and Youning change the course the events, his grandpa ends up dying. The time jump is doing pretty well, I have no problems following along to everything. I do wished that Patrick was able to use his real voice but I get it (he's Taiwanese so they dubbed him). 


Also, this BTS on the kiss scene. :shocked2: 




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