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Blue Birthday 블루버스데이 [2021]

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Blue Birthday







The Plot:

A fantasy romance drama in which Oh Ha Rin will revisit the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun, who died on her birthday 10 years ago. He had resolved to confess to his childhood friend since elementary school but he ended up taking his own life, much to her shock and horror. He was about to confess to her when he met his sudden death in the photography room. She currently works at an abandoned pet shelter, but on the 10th anniversary of the incident, she comes into possession of some photos that her first love left behind. Ha Rin, whose painful memories were relighted again, decides to burn all the pictures. When she was burning the pictures, she suddenly realized she was back to the day she took the picture 10 years ago. The camera only has 8 pictures, so Ha Rin only has 8 chances to go back in time.

(Source for the Plot: MyDramaList.com/Soompi.com)


The Cast:

Kim Ye Rim as Oh Ha Rin

Yang Hong Seok as Ji Seo Jun

Lee Sang Jun as Cha Eun Seong

Kim Yi Seo as Ji Hye Min

Kim Gyeol Yu as Do Soo Jin


Some Pictures:




















Source for the Pics.: MyDramaList.com

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But I want to talk about my first impression of BB :laugh:

Do you know the meme why are you running? That's what I thought when I saw the first ep. I understand why she was running bc it's her job :GrimChamp: Let me be honest with you after running for 5 minutes I think I would already give up and sit for an hour. Oh boy I really need to start working out. Okay back to the story. A week ago I saw someone said that SJ was maybe murderd by someone. I kinda think so too. I don't think that he commited suicide. He said that he is pessimistic and narrow minded and that he wasn't sure if she would like him for who he is. Hmm I think that he has his problems but he don't want to talk about them with others bc he don't want to bother them. I believe that he maybe has a mental illness and maybe he had thoughts about suicide but I don't think that he killed himself. And it's really sad that she blames herself for his death. (For not beeing curious about his concerns or sadness.) It's a really traumatic experience when your crush died on your birthday.


I didn't expect me to write so many things lol

But the first ep was not bad even when I thought that the trailer already spoil the whole first ep for me :D

And the OST is nice so far.

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Awww....they look really cute together!! I saw this show up on my TencentVideo recommendation so I'll take a look. Like you told me, it's only 30 minutes long so it should be a pretty easy watch, right? :laugh:


How many episode is the drama? 

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1 hour ago, mayicoryn said:

I just checked the MyDramaList page for Blue Birthday and duh? 6.1 rating? Ouch

I think youth dramas in China does better than youth dramas in Korea. At least that's what I've noticed. :idk:


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1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

@mayicoryn, do you want to post an ending spoiler? Does she find out how he died? And more importantly, given that she can time travel, was she able to save him after all?

You know what's funny? I finished it today :laugh: And sure why not.

The ending in short :D


He didn't kill himself he was murdered by SPOILER ........... his stepsister.


And okay how should I explain this. So she did saved him but at the end he was the one who saved himself and her too :D

She was not the only one who could time travel, he could do that too. (He did that to protect her. Because she was always in "danger" for example she got hit by a ball and he travels back to save her :D)

At one point the stepsister found out about the time travel and so she found the picture and travels back. She and OHR (the female lead) were in the present and had a fight and so both of them travels back in time together.

The three of them were on a rooftop and then there was an accident and OHR died.

He was sad about her death that he almost committed suicide but at the last moment he remembers something. He had one last picture and that means that he could travel back and save her. Then he had a fight with his stepsister and she stabs him but at the end he was alive and the main couple had a happy ending. I don't understand why she (Oh Ha Rin) could stay in the past but yes that's the ending. I could go more in details but I think that's enough for now :D


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2 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Thanks @mayicoryn! This drama seems as if it's actually very twisty, as so many time slip dramas are. Thanks for the ending spoiler. Would you recommend this drama? Was it fun? Just curious now.

No problem :smile: Hmm it is a short drama and I would recommend it when you're in a mood for a time travel drama mixed with school and thriller. I did enjoy it but it's maybe not one of my favs.

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