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My Talent Neighbour 走起我的天才街坊 [Pending]


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My Talent Neighbour 走起我的天才街坊



Chinese Title: 走起我的天才街坊 / Zou Qi Wo De Tian Cai Jie Fang

Director: Xing Xiao
Script Writer(s): Zhu Yu
Episodes: 36

Broadcasting Network: Youku
Airing Date: TBD



When technology guru Chen Xiao meets headhunter Shen Nuo who won't take no for an answer until she successfully recruits him, it starts a story about love and entrepreneurship.

Being a world-renowned engineer, Chen Xiao (Elvis Han) has always been a valuable asset that high-tech companies would fight over. The return of his former lover Song Yiwen (Maggie Chen) shakes up the peaceful life of Chen Xiao.

In order to escape his painful memories, Chen Xiao takes Shen Nuo's advice and leaves the company that he built with his friend Qi Jialun (Dan Zeng Jin Mei). Qi Jialun cannot accept Chen Xiao's sudden departure nor can he agree to Chen Xiao walking right into the arms of their competitor so he lures Chen Xiao into a trap of his own making. At this time, Chen Xiao's mother passes away. His latent insomnia becomes disruptive and he loses his job. Encouraged by Shen Nuo, Chen Xiao starts his entrepreneurial journey in the field of artificial intelligence. (Credit)



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Han Dong Jun (Elvis) as Chen Xiao


Peng Xiao Ran as Shen Nuo




Chen Xin Yu (Maggie) as Song Yiwen




Dan Zeng Jin Mei as Qi Jialun


Tse Kwan Ho as Xie Boqian
Li Nai Wen as Li Daxing
Kong Lin as Shen Nuo's mother



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On 8/14/2021 at 4:53 AM, Hyacinth0910 said:


Same! I hope they release it soon!! 


But also maybe not that soon so I can finish all my currently airing dramas first. LOL!!!



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