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A Superior Day 우월한 하루 [2022]


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A Superior Day 우월한 하루



Korean Title: Uwolhan Halu / 우월한 하루
English Title: A Superior Day
Adapted From: Superior Day by Team Getname (This has been translated to English, you should be able to find lots of links to read it by googling)
Director: Jo Nam Hyeong (Previous work: Tale of the Nine Tailed)
Writer: Team Getname and Lee Ji Hyun
Network: OCN
Episodes: 8
Release Date: March 13th, 2022

Airing Schedule: One episode every Sunday
English Subtitles: Viki
Official Website: LINK



Lee Ho Chul (Jin Goo) works as a firefighter. He is your typical head of household, who loves his wife and daughter. Recently, the media covers an unsolved serial killer case. The case has nothing to do with Lee Ho Chul, but he receives a text message that states "I will let you know who the serial killer is" and a photo. The photo is of a man holding a knife covered with blood and he is next to a murdered person.


Lee Ho Chul notices that the man holding the bloody knife is Kwon Shi Woo (Lee Won Geun), who lives next door to him. Lee Ho Chul receives another text message that states "Kill Kwon Shi Woo within 24 hours. If you don't, you will not see your daughter again." Lee Ho Chul discovers that his daughter is now missing.


Meanwhile, the person who sent the text message is Bae Tae Jin (Ha Do Kwon). He is a hired killer, who chases after serial killer Kwon Shi Woo. Bae Tae Jin schemes a plan to kill Kwon Shi Woo by using Lee Ho Chul.


Kwon Shi Woo (Lee Won Geun) looks like a kind young man with a handsome appearance, but he is a psychopath. He feels a sense of superiority by killing people. (Credit)



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Jin Goo as Lee Ho Chul

An ordinary family man who works as a firefighter. One day, he finds out that his very next-door neighbor is a serial killer. His life turns upside down when his daughter goes missing and he's coaxed into hunting down his neighbor by a contract killer. 



Lee Won Geun as Kwon Shi Woo

A handsome and charming young man who is hiding a secret. He also happens to be Lee Ho Chul's neighbor. Adding two and two together isn't hard at all because Lee Ho Chul soon figures out that Kwon Shi Woo is in fact, a psychopath.



Ha Do Kwon as Bae Tae Jin

A contract killer who intends to use Lee Ho Chul to kill Kwon Shi Woo by threatening him with his daughter's life. Bae Tae Jin is a man of excellent strength who believes that the ends justify the means. He appears indifferent and cold but actually hides a painful past. For a killer, he has quite the work ethic.


(character description summary credit)


Character Relationship Chart



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Jin Goo, Lee Woon Geun, And Ha Do Gwon To Work Together For New K-Drama ‘Superior Day’



OCN is set to release a new drama for 2022 starring Jin Goo, Lee Woon Geun, and Ha Do Gwon.

Entitled "Superior Day," the upcoming OCN K-Drama will tell the story of a firefighter who has to kill a serial killer living next door in order to save his kidnapped daughter.


"Superior Day" is written by Lee Ji Hyun and to be directed by Jo Nam Hyung. Production will be handled by Studio Dragon in cooperation with I Will Media. The K-Drama is set to be released within the first half of 2022.


Jin Goo is reportedly taking on the role of Lee Ho Cheol, a firefighter and a typical head of the household who would do anything for his daughter. When his daughter got kidnapped, he must find a serial killer within a day to save her. "Superior Day" will be Jin Goo's comeback K-Drama. His last project was playing the role of Go Tae Rim for the 2019 drama "Legal High." Some of Jin Goo's most notable dramas include "Descendants of the Sun," "Night Light," and "Untouchable."


Lee Won Geun is giving life to the role of Si Woo, a psychopath who enjoys the feeling of being superior that comes from committing murder. The 30-year-old actor recently starred alongside Honey Lee for the K-Drama "One the Woman." Since his debut as the young Kim Jae Woon in the hit K-Drama "Moon Embracing the Sun," Lee Won Geun has starred in a variety of dramas such as "Longing For Spring," "Sassy Go Go," "People You May Know," and "Jugglers."


Meanwhile, actor Ha Do Gwon is taking on his first major role as Bae Tae Jin, who is a contract killer chasing after the serial killer Si Woo. He always does his job perfectly, leaving no traces. For some reason, he kidnaps Ho Cheol's daughter in order to kill the serial killer. Aside from "Superior Day," Ha Do Gwon is also set to appear on "Red Single Heart" and "Shooting Star."



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“A Superior Day” Writers Dish On Why Lee Won Geun, Ha Do Kwon, And Jin Goo Are Perfect For Their Roles

Feb 26, 2022 | by E. Cha


The writers of OCN’s “A Superior Day” have shared their excitement about the upcoming drama!


Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thriller about the 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary man who must save his kidnapped daughter by murdering the serial killer who lives next door. Jin Goo will star as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter who has to rescue his kidnapped daughter, while Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin, a professional hitman who is chasing serial killer Kwon Si Woo (played by Lee Won Geun).


The original webtoon was written by Team Getname, a duo comprised of “Sweet Home” writer Kim Carnby and “Dr. Hound” writer Aruani. Explaining their vision for “A Superior Day,” the writers recalled, “Rather than a long, epic saga, we wanted to create a story that chased events unfolding in real time. We wanted to make readers lose themselves in the story, so that they felt like they were experiencing the main character’s day together with him in real time.”


“When we received the offer for a drama adaptation, the thing that made us happiest was that we’d found someone who understood our intentions [while creating the webtoon],” they continued. “From the moment we began planning the webtoon, we’d had video in mind, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the drama version.”


Meanwhile, Lee Ji Hyun—the writer of the upcoming drama adaptation—confessed that she’d felt some pressure about living up to the quality of the original. “My biggest concern was capturing the immersive quality of the original webtoon and its ability to draw readers in,” she revealed. “I tried not to lose the frightening suspense of the possibility that a murderer, hidden amongst ordinary people in an ordinary place, could be my next-door neighbor.”


However, all the writers agreed that the three leading actors had been perfectly cast in their respective roles. Team Getname marveled, “Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon, and Lee Won Geun’s synchronization with their characters is 120 percent. They’re creating charming characters that are beyond anything I could ever have dared imagine.”


They added, “I can’t wait to see Ha Do Kwon and Lee Won Geun acting out two villains who are polar opposites, as well as Jin Goo desperately fighting back while stuck between them.”


Lee Ji Hyun chimed in, “Even just imagining Jin Goo’s flawless portrayal of Lee Ho Chul leaves no room for doubt.”


She went on to point out how perfect Ha Do Kwon—a trained classical singer—was for the role of Bae Tae Jin. “The character of Bae Tae Jin first appears in the drama through only his voice, so I thought that the weight of his voice would be crucial,” she explained. “In that respect, I think casting Ha Do Kwon was a stroke of genius.”


Finally, she teased, “Through his portrayal of Kwon Si Woo, Lee Won Geun will show the unexpected charm of a twist hiding behind his smiling face, so please look forward to it.”


Lee Ji Hyun also noted that viewers will be able to enjoy the drama regardless of whether they’ve read the original webtoon, commenting, “Viewers who read the webtoon first will be able to have fun comparing the similarities and differences between [the drama and the webtoon], and viewers who haven’t read the webtoon will be able to focus entirely on the situations in the drama.”


She confidently concluded, “It’s a drama that will definitely live up to your expectations, so please give it lots of interest.”


“A Superior Day” will premiere on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!





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Jin Goo Talks About Why He Really Wanted His Role In New Thriller Drama “A Superior Day”

Mar 2, 2022 | by E. Cha


Jin Goo has shared his thoughts on his starring role in OCN’s upcoming drama “A Superior Day”!


Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thriller about the 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary man who must save his kidnapped daughter by murdering the serial killer who lives next door.


Jin Goo will star as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter who has only 24 hours to rescue his kidnapped daughter, while Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin, a slick professional hitman who is chasing the elusive serial killer Kwon Si Woo (played by Lee Won Geun).

Explaining why he had wanted the part of Lee Ho Chul so badly, Jin Goo revealed, “It had been a long time since I’d played a character who’s desperate, and I wanted to completely lose myself in [that despair] while acting.”


He went on to describe the character of Lee Ho Chul as “a person who’s strong enough to even put his life on the line in order to save his family and innocent lives.”


The actor also shared that playing such a passionately self-sacrificing character had been an inspiring experience. “Although he constantly finds himself in danger due to the two villains, Lee Ho Chul pours everything he’s got into trying to save his daughter,” said Jin Goo, “and while playing him, I came to realize and learn a lot of things.”


As for his portrayal of the character, Jin Goo shared that he put a lot of thought and careful planning into his acting before filming began.


“Even though it’s only 24 hours within the story, in real life, we filmed over a long period of time,” noted the actor. “So I thought it was important to keep up the same energy that we had at the beginning [of filming].”


He went on to share, “I really wanted to pay close attention to each and every change in my character’s emotions, so I drew detailed diagrams that only I can understand on my script. From the shape of my mouth to my gaze and the tips of my toes, I wanted to show a very calculated acting performance.”


Finally, Jin Goo asked viewers to tune in while cryptically teasing, “If you watch our drama, I think you’ll really be able to realize what it means to be truly ‘superior.'”


He added, “It’s definitely going to be engraved [in people’s memories] as a drama that’s fun to watch, so please look forward to it.”


“A Superior Day” premieres on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.


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I finished the first episode and so far, I enjoyed it! It was a bit more gory than I thought, which took me by surprise when I saw those scenes. :nervous:


Ho Chul is a firefighter and while he was responding to a call, he hears someone scream from inside an apartment. The door opens and the person inside (the killer) slash him across the face and stab his back before they run off. He doesn't see anything besides the side of the person's face. 


Fast forward some time, the killer (Shi Woo), becomes his neighbor and teaches his daughter how to paint. He's super friendly with Ho Chul, but it's because he has plans to do harm to Ho Chul and his family. There is a similar murder inside the apartment complex they live in and it puts Ho Chul and his wife on edge. It doesn't help that Ho Chul's daughter is kidnapped when he runs back inside to grab something (she was waiting for him outside). He receives a call from someone (Tae Jin) who tells him he has to follow their order otherwise they will kill his daughter. 


Shi Woo is a psychopath and he's so creepy. After he kills these women, he would paint how they are sitting on the wall behind/next to them. I would not be surprised if the red paint he use is their blood too. This scene here still creeps me out a bit...




It only airs once a week so I will continue watching. I'm curious to see Ho Chul reacts when he finds out Shi Woo is the killer. Also, curious to find out how Tae Jin fits in all of this -- who hired him to find the killer?



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In episode two, we are given more information about Tae Jin. He is an ex-convict who was recently released. Prior to getting released, he was already interested in the rich girl killer. The drama has not told us why Tae Jin is so interested in the rich girl killer but whatever it is, it's enough to kill others to find out who the killer is. 


Ho Chul had the security guard (who built a bond with his daughter) help him. While helping him, Tae Jin ended up killing him because Ho Chul did not follow his orders. 


The strange thing about this episode is that Shi Woo visited the crime scene and the people there did not question him. They automatically assumed he was a bystander who is curious and wants to know what happened. :idk:


The preview for episode three looks good, I hope the pace picks up a little. 


Lee Won Geun plays Shi Woo so well. He looks innocent but he's actually pretty sadistic. 



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Thanks for opening this thread. I just finish episode 1 @Tofu

Ho Chul is certainly suffering from PTSD. I wished he had a close relationship with his daughter. She seemed the typical teenager who thinks her parents are annoying. I wished teenagers would smarten up once there is a murder in the apartment they live in. She is so fierce living her life like she would normally do. 
 Ho Chul’s wife certainly put a lot of pressure on hee husband because she wants a normal and safe life but yet she remain as a cop. Isn’t being a cop DANGEROUS TOO. 


Shi Woo is creepy and he really seems to show up unexpectedly when HC is at his worst. 

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15 hours ago, UnniSara said:

I wished teenagers would smarten up once there is a murder in the apartment they live in.

That's very true. After the murder, everyone went about their daily lives. It doesn't seem like they were very bothered by the murder in their own apartment complex. I would be very cautious and afraid if I lived there knowing that the killer had not been caught yet. 


15 hours ago, UnniSara said:

yet she remain as a cop. Isn’t being a cop DANGEROUS TOO. 

If you haven't watched episode two yet, I think it shows that she is in an administration role now. 


15 hours ago, UnniSara said:

Shi Woo is creepy and he really seems to show up unexpectedly when HC is at his worst.

I think he is keeping Ho Chul close to him because of the news article that came out about Ho Chul knowing/seeing who the killer is. 



I really just want to know what purpose Tae Jin has in all of this. So far we know that he's looking for the killer and using Ho Chul for that. But why? Why go out of your way to kidnap someone's daughter and use them like that? I think Shi Woo might have done something to Tae Jin or someone Tae Jin knows/works for. 


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