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Three Bold Siblings [2022-2023]


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16 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Woah...did they give us a kiss in the 1st episode? I am guessing these two were lovers before?


They indeed dated for a short time when SJ was high in popularity and TJ still in the medical college... If the time stamps right then around 2004?


But they have known each other before as childhood friends in elementary (and also lived in the same neighborhood) and SJ decided at that time she was his first love. 


I have watched the first episodes and for the introduction well we got a little background and glimpse of Tae Joo's family. About how she is not part of Kim blood because her mother remarried to Father Kim when she's about 4 or 5 years old after her father death (?). Granny being the old person she is wouldn't accept the intention for the couple to marry because of the mom being a widow and already has child. However when she was left all alone to attend her shop, she felt overwhelmed and had no choice but to accept. After TJ lil sis and bro were born, she has softened enough to the mom, but never at Tae Joo until now. Maybe the way mom keeps insisting that they're both outsiders and have to back down and put up with whatever the Kim family wishes (especially her younger siblings when they were young) not helping to mend or build some bridge for a good relationship between the granny and Tae Joo. 


I somehow could relate with Tae Joo a little about the burden for living the life where your mom dictate about your choice of study. She never wanted to enter medical school despite her have a good grades and study well, however she got no choice of it just to make her mother happy and maybe to feel accepted by the granny. She whose study life were centered that she has to go to medical school and become a doctor was at lost about what she wants to do and her dreams. I too didn't have lots of time to choose or fight about what I want in life during my teenage years and had to go with the fast paced and pressure from environment about the choice in life and study. If I could turn back time, well maybe I would fight harder but there's not possible other than just to live to my best...


In ep 1 we heard just a little about Seung Jun's family background and it looks like ep 2 will cover more about it. We only knew that he lost his father when he's in his 20s and the father left a lot of debt to be paid. He got a little sister who feels that she deserved to enjoy her brother money for her own needs and happiness. He also has a cousin that he's close with and a mother who acts like his manager or part of the management of his career as actor? 


It's interesting to see how Seung Jun seemed didn't know the bad treatment Tae Joo had when they're dating from his fans and what made them to break up. He definitely cherished his memories but for Tae Joo, what she experienced left a bad taste and maybe a hellish memory of her about him.. 


Some questions that I have and hopefully can be answered in rest of episodes:

- Do the younger siblings knew that they were just half related with Tae Joo? So Rim relationship with Tae Joo is just what you can expect from sisters, fight about clothes and lil sis demands things from her big sis. Tae Joo seems to have soft spot with the youngest Gun Woo and he reciprocates it and seems to be on her side and wishes her the best in life

- Will the uncle make an appearance in the near future ? When he moved abroad, the mother said he's going with his parents, so Tae Joo still at least have another grandparents then? Hmm I wonder if they will make appearance too or will be brushed aside..


I'll give the drama a chance since they have a lot to cover and to show. But for the premiere, so far it's okay and light enough for family drama. I wish there's no unnecessary plots tough.. 

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20 hours ago, LaLa said:

Do the younger siblings knew that they were just half related with Tae Joo?


Hmmm based on the short flash back in episode 2, there's possibility that the two younger siblings knew about this. Since there were a lot of chatty ahjummas around the neighborhood, they must have gossiped so often and quite loud for others to not notice it. Especially when the granny did only prefer the other two children. Seung Jun's sister when confronted So Rim at school was uncalled for and she's rude, but it's also So Rim fault I think.. Got suspended at a school because of fight? Sure maybe defending Tae Joo might play part on it, but she can just easily take another exam to get her high school degree and later the exam entrance in another year after that. There are lots of people doing the entrance exam several times when they failed in any other dramas and also in reality perhaps. She's just too spoiled by the parents and Granny. She even felt that it's right for her to live in the apartment that her sister paid for just because she and her future husband still doesn't have the money for rent the house :duckno:

However I do like the Kim Father who treats all the children fairly. He doesn't differentiate between his blood related children and Tae Joo. And Geun Woo is just the sweet little maknae who tries to keep peace within the family. 


Seung Jun life as an actor mustn't be easy because he becomes the head of the family when he reached the stardom and it's almost like everyone mooch from him. The sister is already problem and as if paying the debt of his father is not enough, his mother's side of family members (especially the brothers who lived outside) gonna use the famous person in family's card about it.. He couldn't catch a break really.. And with the mother and manager tried to make up the fans love towards him.. I wonder if he started to lose his popularity as he's aging? And it might play to him losing confidence that he once talked with Tae Joo about in the past? 


And about the apartment issues with neighbors, I wonder if one day if they both do settle down, they will move to a landed house rather than living in apartment again. We'll have to see.. 

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Content Writing Star News Reporter Yoon Sang Geun.



/ Photo Courtesy of G&G Production.


The drama 'Three Siblings Bravely' released still photos of three mothers and daughters in the play, Kim Yong Rim, Jang Mi Hee and Wang Bit Na.


The production team of KBS 2TV's new weekend drama 'Three Siblings Bravely' (screenwriter Kim In Young, director Park Man Young and production G&G Productions), which will be broadcast on October 1, will be on the 30th with Kim Yong Rim (Yoon Gap Bun), Jang Mi Hee (Jang Se Ran), Wang Bit Na (Jang Hyun Jung) released pictures.


In the second episode aired earlier, Yoon Gap Bun  (played by Kim Yong Rim) and her second daughter, Jang Hyun Jung (played by Wang Bit Na), gave the house for rental where they lived together to their son in the United States, but there was a problem with the house contract. After that, Gap Bun had no place to live immediately, went to the house of Jang Hyun Jung and her eldest daughter Jang Se Ran (Jang Mi Hee) and lived together, foretelling the conflict between mother and daughter. 


'click on this link for more details'


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Just getting around to watching the first episode, and it's already hard for me to take. I feel bad for Tae Joo, and I'm resentful of TJ's mother who feels as if she and TJ has to give in on everything to her husband's family. So, the mother seems to be okay with pushing TJ out, disregarding her feelings, in order to accommodate the grandmother's prejudices and to spoil the father's birth children while pushing TJ to be almost their servant, not to mention the punishments when TJ doesn't take good enough care of her half siblings. It's interesting that the father, despite not being the birth parent, seems to love and cherish TJ more than her mother who should have protected her more.


Felt bad for Sang Joon for becoming the breadwinner at such a young age.


I'm not sure how I feel about the romance between Sang Joon and Tae Joo. I hope it gets better.



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Content Writing Newsen Reporter Yoo Gyeong Sang.







Lim Joo Hwan will compensate Lee Ha Na, his ex-girlfriend, for his past scandal. As a way to plan fake dating entertainment.


On the 4th episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama 'Three Siblings Bravely', was broadcast on 2nd October, Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na) accepted Lee Sang Joon (Lim Joo Hwan) offered to make a fake love.


Lee Sang Joon asked Kim Tae Joo, whom she met again, for her phone number, but Kim Tae Joo did not want to tell him, by saying, "A part of my life has gradually fallen down because of you." Lee Sang Joon confessed to  Kim Tae Joo, "I loved you" and asked, "If you think of a way to get compensation, please contact me."


'click on this link for more details'



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