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The Secret Romantic Guesthouse 꽃선비 열애사 [2023]


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The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

꽃선비 열애사



Korean Title: 꽃선비 열애사
English Title: Flower Scholars' Love Story / The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

Adapted From: The Love Story of Flower Scholars by Kim Jung Hwa
Director: Kim Jung Min (Previous work: Royal Secret Agent, Queen: Love and War)
Writer: Kwon Eum Mi (Previous work: Woman with a Suitcase, Gap Dong) and Kim Ja Hyun
Network: SBS
Episodes: 18
Release Date: March 20th, 2023 (Monday/Tuesday)
English Subtitle: Viki
Official Website



Yoon Dan Oh (Shin Ye Eun) enjoyed a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter, but she becomes the breadwinner of her family. She runs the guesthouse, Ihwawon Inn. The guests at Ihwawon Inn are scholars who came to Hanyang to take the exam to become a ranking official. Kang San (Ryeoun) is a picky individual who is preparing for the military service exam. Kim Shi Yeol (Kang Hoon) is a free spirit. He wants to become a government official, but doesn't seriously study. Jung Yoo Ha (Jung Gun Joo) is a illegitimate son of a high ranking government official. He is sweet and warm to Yoon Dan Oh. (Credit: 1, 2)



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Ryeoun as Kang San

He is preparing for the military service exam. He has a cold appearance and is used to being alone. 



Shin Ye Eun as Yoon Dan Oh

The youngest daughter in her family. After she becomes the head of household, she rents rooms to scholars her come from all over the country. 



Kang Hoon as Kim Shi Yeol

He is free spirited and someone who cannot stand being defeated by injustice. He becomes friends with Yoon Dan Oh, who complains about him and gives him dating advice. 



Jung Gun Joo as Jung Yoo Ha

He is from a well-established family but is treated poorly by his parents. He has a delicate personality and takes good care of others. 



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Waeyo? It would be more fun if the set up in modern era. She runs a boarding house near the university. 😄


But lately saeguk are adapting modern hacks to their ancient style. I'm talking about their modern kdramas parody in some recent saeguk's scenes. 


Will it be any romance here? Cuz I like JGJ and KH both, and that one guy, I dont know him, looks handsome too. Hahaha. My heart always becomes weak to handsome guys. 😆

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2 hours ago, Alice Wonderland said:

that one guy





Ryeoun is the reason I started this drama thread. :lmao2:


Just look at him happily celebrating Kim Nam Gil's birthday in Through the Darkness:




The person I'm least excited for is Kang Hoon. I still am bitter that he's playing Mo Jun Jie. :cry:


But I agreed that it would have been nice if it was set in the modern world.



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On 1/1/2023 at 11:00 AM, Alice Wonderland said:

why do I sense some second lead syndrome here. After finishing LW, I have a crush with Kang Hoon and wish him to be the male lead again. That way I can see him longer. 

NOOOOOOOOOO!! Hahahaha! I do have to admit that he looks pretty handsome in the teaser.


The two leads at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards:


Based on the teaser, seems like it'll air in March. :CharmanderYay:

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At certain angles his nose does seem different from when he was in 18 Again & Through The Darkness @mademoiselle @Tofu

So is this gonna be a love quadrangle?  Truth is I have seen all the 3 MLs in different shows but none of them really gripped my heart hard. I did like Kang Hoon playing a shady character in The Red Sleeve @Alice Wonderland but his character in Little Women was so bland, and Wi Ha Joon was all I could think off.  :laugh: I last saw Jung Gung Joo in Oh My Baby where he had a crush on Jang Nara's character but I didn't get any SLS. I suppose Ryeoun has the left the best impression on me from the roles I have seen him in. 

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Mon-Tues: Nothing Uncovered  Wed-Thurs: Blood Free - Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Queen of Tears C-drama: - 

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22 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

but his character in Little Women was so bland, and Wi Ha Joon was all I could think off.  :laugh: I last saw Jung Gung Joo in Oh My Baby where he had a crush on Jang Nara's character but I didn't get any SLS. I suppose Ryeoun has the left the best impression on me from the roles I have seen

Since the trailer out it makes it even worse. Ah, oteokhae, I got SLS from the get-go, this is not good huh. He is not bland, he's sweet in there! I don't know I just like him. I like WHJ but he doesnt have any loveline with IJ till the final, lol. So yea, later when he has another drama with another lady maybe. 😄


And I remember Ryeoun, I think I ever seen him in one of kbs weekend dramas before, he acts as youngest brother of the female lead, but which drama exactly I forgot. 

Also, fortunately I skip the bully parts in TG, even a glimpse of SYE's sneer as the young bully in there is still distracting me. But let's see, hopefully the story will be good. 

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