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All The Love You Wish For 다 이루어질지니 [Upcoming]

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Plot Summary

Genie (Kim Woo-Bin) is a spirit that comes out of lamp. He is full of emotional excess and goes back and forth between different emotions. Ga-Young (Bae Suzy) is someone who lacks emotion. She happens to call Genie out of his lamp and is granted 3 wishes to make.


source: AsianWiki



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Kim Woo-bin and Suzy to reunite in Kim Eun-sook's new series


By Lee Gyu-lee


Actors Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy will be leading a new romantic comedy series, created by star scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook, who is known for writing the hit series "Mr. Sunshine" and "The Glory."

Hwa&Dam Pictures, the local production company, confirmed that both actors have secured their roles in the series tentatively titled "Everything Shall Come True" planned for release next year.

The 12-episode fantasy rom-com will follow the story of Ga-young (played by Bae), an indifferent woman, and a hot-headed genie who has been trapped in a lamp. When Ga-young releases the genie, they become entangled in a series of events and she receives three wishes in return.

The series will be directed by filmmaker Lee Byeong-heon, who previously led the hit movie "Extreme Job" (2019) and the 2019 rom-com series "Be Melodramatic."

"The best fantasy rom-com requires a captivating story, stunning visuals and exceptional acting. This series has it all," the production company said in the release. "Writer Kim Eun-sook's beyond-imaginable storyline, the visual flair that director Lee Byeong-heon will bring with his humorous imagination, and fantastic chemistry between Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy will offer a new kind of fantasy rom-com series."

This will be the first time the two actors will reunite to co-star on a series in seven years since their roles as counterparts in the romance series "Uncontrollably Fond" in 2016.

source: Korea Times





Kim Woo Bin and Suzy to lead scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook's next drama


Actors Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are set to team up for their next project, working with renowned scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. The upcoming drama, titled 'Wishes Granted by Genie' (title subject to change), will feature the two actors as lead characters. The production company Hwa & Dam Pictures confirmed the news on June 14 KST, also revealing that director Lee Byung Heon (of 'Extreme Job' fame) will be directing the project.

Kim Eun Sook is a well-known writer with numerous successes under her belt, including 'A Gentleman's Dignity', 'Secret Garden', 'Descendants of the Sun', 'The Heirs', 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God', and 'The Glory'. Her involvement in the project is sure to generate excitement among fans.

'Wishes Granted by Genie' is a romantic comedy that follows the story of an overemotional 'Genie' (played by Kim Woo Bin) and a woman with a lack of emotion 'Ga Young' (played by Suzy). The two characters lives become entangled and face three wishes that may bring luck or punishment. 'Genie' struggles with outbursts of rage and loss of his former life, while Ga Young works to free 'Genie' from his punishment. The drama is set to be a 12-episode series and is planned for release next year.

According to the production company, the drama promises a perfect blend of story, video, and acting, making it an anticipated hit among fans. With the stellar cast and talented writer and director involved, 'Wishes Granted by Genie' is a project to look forward to.



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8 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@mademoiselle I do plan to watch this. I will change the title in the directory later. :D

Will AEJ and NSH have a love line? Not enough info so far


Thanks! Yeah, I didn't even know they were part of the casts until I saw these photos.

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