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Lovely Runner 선재 업고 튀어 [2024]

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  • Drama: Run Away With Sun-Jae On Piggyback (literal title)
  • Revised Romanization: Sunjae Eobgo Tweeeo
  • Hangul: 선재 업고 튀어
  • Director: Kim Tae-Yeob, Yoon Jong-Ho
  • Writer: Kim Bbang (novel), Lee Si-Eun
  • Network: tvN
  • Streaming Site: Rakuten Viki | VIU | iQiyi
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: 8 Apr – 25 May 2024
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 20:50
  • Website: Official | Naver | NamuWiki | MDL | Wikipedia

Plot Summary

The drama is based on a webtoon. Ryu Sun-Jae (Byeon Woo-Seok) is a top star who has been in the spotlight since his debut. His life seems perfect, but being in the entertainment industry has completely worn him out. Meanwhile, Im Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon) loves Ryu Sun-Jae as an adoring fan. When she was little, she had an accident. Due to that, she gave up on her dream, but listening to Ryu Sun-Jae’s song on the radio gave her comfort and she became his fan since then. One day, Im Sol hears breaking news that Ryu Sun-Jae has ended his own life. She feels deep sadness over the tragic news. Miraculously, Im Sol somehow travels back in time to 15 years in the past. There, she faces Ryu Sun-Jae, who is a 19 year old high school student. She struggles to prevent his tragic future (source: AsianWiki).




Character Chart





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Byun Woo Seok And Kim Hye Yoon Confirmed To Star In New Time Slip Drama




Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon will be starring in a new drama together!


On July 19, tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Carry Sun Jae And Run” (literal title) announced the casting of Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon as the drama’s leads.


“Carry Sun Jae And Run” is a time slip fantasy romance about a top celebrity who unfortunately passed away and a woman who travels to the past in order to save him. The drama is based on Kim Bbang’s web novel “The Best of Tomorrow” (literal title), and scriptwriter Lee Si Eun of “Top Star U-Back” and “True Beauty” will be in charge of the script.


Byun Woo Seok will be playing Korea’s top star Ryu Sun Jae who has everything from good looks to talent and charm. Ryu Sun Jae is a famous celebrity who has remained at the top since his debut, but his life as a celebrity exhausted him, and he eventually passed away. However, Im Sol appears in his life during his youth when he is 19 years old, causing changes to his peaceful life.


Having impressed in the dramas “Record of Youth” and “Moonshine” as well as the films “Soulmate” and “20th Century Girl,” viewers are already anticipating his transformation in the upcoming drama.


Kim Hye Yoon will take on the role of passionate fan Im Sol who travels to the past in order to save top star Ryu Sun Jae. Due to an accident when she was young, Im Sol had to give up on her dreams. However, she coincidentally hears Ryu Sun Jae’s song on the radio and receives great comfort, becoming his fan. One day in her ordinary life, Ryu Sun Jae passes away, and Im Sol somehow travels 15 years into the past, meeting high school student Ryu Sun Jae, and she struggles to prevent his unfortunate future.


Kim Hye Yoon has already captivated viewers through numerous dramas including “SKY Castle,” “Extraordinary You,” and “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” as well as the film “The Girl on a Bulldozer,” raising anticipation for her next project.


The production team of “Carry Sun Jae And Run” shared, “We are excited and happy for the meeting between Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, who have tight acting skills and unrivaled charms. We will visit viewers with a time slip fantasy romance that will aim at viewers’ hearts, so please show lots of anticipation.”




N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub Joins Kim Hye Yoon And Byun Woo Seok In New Fantasy Romance Drama




N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub has been cast in tvN’s upcoming drama “Carry Sun Jae and Run” (literal translation)!


On July 31, FNC Entertainment officially announced that Lee Seung Hyub would be appearing in “Carry Sun Jae and Run” in the role of Baek In Hyuk.


Based on the popular web novel “The Best of Tomorrow,” “Carry Sun Jae and Run” is a new fantasy romance drama about a top celebrity who tragically meets his demise and a woman who travels to the past in order to save him. The drama will be penned by Lee Si Eun, the writer of “True Beauty” and “Top Star U-Back.”


Lee Seung Hyub will be playing Baek In Hyuk, the leader and guitarist of the band Eclipse. A friendly guy who is easy to get along with, Baek In Hyuk is the closest friend of the titular Ryu Sun Jae (played by Byun Woo Seok). As someone who has always been passionate about music, Baek In Hyuk was in a band starting all the way back in high school, and his 19-year-old self winds up crossing paths with Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon), who travels to the past in order to save Ryu Sun Jae.


Notably, Lee Seung Hyub is also the leader of his band N.Flying in real life, making him the perfect fit for the role.




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