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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 [2020]

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Chinese title: 太古神王 / Tai Gu Shen Wang
English title: God of Lost Fantasy

Genre: Historical, fantasy

Episodes: 52

Director: Hu Chu Xi, Chen Wei Xiang

Broadcast Period: 8/27/2020

Novel: Ancient Godly Monarch (太古神王)



Sheng Yi Lun as Qin Wentian
Wang Zi Wen as Mo Qingcheng
Xiang Zuo as Yi Wuwei
Tang Jing Mei as Bai Qiuxue
Huang Hai Bing as Qin Chuan
Chen Meng Qi as Ye Wuque
Chen Meng Yao as Bai Qing
Lin Cheng as Qin Yao
Wu Pei Rou as Ruo Huan
Yang Tun as Fan Le
Zhao Yao as Mo Shang
Chang Cheng as An Ye Demon King Xi



Qin Wentian is born as a sickly child, and for some reason his adopted parents are forced to send him to the Bai family, who promises to give their daughter’s hand in marriage in return. The greedy Bai family eventually sets their sights on the royal Ye family, and unsuccessfully tries to back out of the marriage proposal by assassinating Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian escapes to Jiuhua Sect, and befriends his master’s daughter Mo Qingcheng and crown prince Yi Wuwei, who is currently in hiding.

Cr dramawiki





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