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Living Toward the Sun 向阳而生 [2020]

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Chinese title: 向阳而生 / Xiang yang er shang
English title: Living Toward the Sun

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 40

Director: Liu Jiacheng

Broadcast Period: 10/12/2020


Chinese title: 向阳而生 / Xiang yang er shang
English title: Living Toward the Sun

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 30

Director: Liu Jiacheng

Broadcast Period: 



Jiang Xin as Xiong Dun
Gao Wei Guang as Lin Zhiheng
Ning Dan Lin as Ai Mi
Gao Xu Yang as Zheng Zhong
Mi Lu as Xia Meng
Fu Tian Jiao as Lu Ao
Wang Lei as Yin Dong
Li Jin Yang as Sun Xiao
Chen Jin as Xiong Dun's mother
Shi Jing Ming as Xiong Dun's father
Shi Tian Shuo as Wang Yao
Wen Yu Qi as Yang Yang
Zhao Huan Ran as Jin Dayuan
Ding Yong Dai
He Sai Fei as Mother Guo
Li Ting Zhe as Guo Cheng
Shang Tie Long as Guo Zhenbang
Li Wen Ling as Granny Qi
Guo Zhen Jia
Zhang Ruo Feng
Kong Ling Qian
Liu Ya Peng as Jie Sen



It tells the story of young cartoonist Xiong Dun who encounters double setbacks in love and the workplace. In the face of adversity, she bravely fights her illness and spreads positivity with her infectious smile.





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Congratulations Vengo!


Congratulations to Gao Wei Guang for winning the 2020 Tencent Entertainment Annual Ceremony X Star Index TV Series Actor of the Year.


Whether as the cold, noble, and affectionate Emperor Donghua in "Three Lives and Three Worlds: Pillow Book", or the handsome and excellent doctor Lin Zhiheng in "Living Toward The Sun", or the outstanding detective Luo Qiuheng in "Miss S", Gao Wei Guang acted all the characters and roles with different aesthetics and textures. He performed his roles with depth and transparency, which clearly and powerfully conveyed the emotions of the characters. The characters he played left lasting impressions to the audience.***




Source 1

Source 2


***Via Google translate with minor editing for grammar/context

Edited by MayanEcho


Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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