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Love Unexpected 不可思议的爱情 [2021]


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8Qq6pel.jpgChinese title: 不可思议的爱情 / Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing
English title:  Love Unexpected

Genre: Romance


Director: Hu Han Qing (胡涵清)

Screenwriter: Qin Qin

Broadcast Period: Jan/31/21



Fan Shi Qi as Xu Nuo
Zhang Bo Yan as Xu Nuo (young)
Qi Yan Di as Ke Siyi
Jiu Yue as Ke Siyi (young)
Zha Jie as Liang Zhixiao
Wang Xu Dong as Zhou Yanxin
Shen Yao as Lin Wen
Zhu Zi Yue as Lin Wen (young)
Zhang Chu Xuan as Li Yunzhu
Tong Wei Ni as Li Yunzhu (young)
Shi Rui as You Weiwei
Shi Yu as Li Da
Wang Jing as Wu Dongde
Qu Gang as Jack
Sun Jun as Qin Fei
Shen You Qing as Zhang Dashan
Zheng Yuan as Executive Li
Pan Ling Fei as Lisa
Liu Zi Rui as Wen Shan
Shi Qiang as Doctor Qin
Wang Yue as Yu Jiaen
Zhou Ting Ting as Lin Li
Wang Xiao Ying as Xu Nuo's mother
Wang Wei as Xu Nuo's father
Ye Ai Chun as Lin Wen's mother
Wang Wei Guang as Lin Wen's stepfather
Cai Yue Xing as Mei Hualu
Shen Xi Ru as Xiao Jie
Guo Rui Xue as Tina
Wei Ya Nan as Annie
Zhang Feng Ya as Kevin
Chai Hua as Allen
Liu Yu Wei as Xiao Fei
Peng Qin Cheng as Tony
Zhang Shen as Production Executive



Story of how Xu Nuo, a CEO who has no control of his feelings, and a bodyguard who is skilled in wrestling.





@Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list.








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