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Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos 浮世双娇传 [2020]


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300px-Legend_of_Two_Sisters_In_the_Chaos.jpgChinese title: 浮世双娇传 / Fu Shi Shuang Jiao Zhuan
English title: Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos

Genre: Historical, political, romance

Episodes: 40

Director: Lan Zhi Wei, Huang Jia Hui (黄家辉)

Broadcast Period: 9/28/2020




Aarif Rahman as Xue Rong
Meng Zi Yi as Fu Yuzhan
Li Yi Tong as Fu Jinzhan
Wang Zhuo Cheng as Jiang Shao
Ren You Lun as Li Huajin
Zhong Qi as Shou An
Lin Si Yi as Chai Zhenzhen
Zhao Jia Rui as Lan Pei
Hu Xiao Hui as Qing Ge
Liu Jun Liang as Guo Jian
Chen Yang as Zhang Yongyao
Zhang Qian as Yan Cao
Ma Li as Zhu Xiaobei



During the Later Zhou Dynasty, the Fu family was the focus of world attention to the well-known prophecy given to Fu Yanqing that states that one of the daughters of the Fu family would become the future Empress. This leads to people assuming that by destroying the Fu sisters, they will indirectly destroy the throne. With the passing of Guo Wei, the fate of the throne is left unresolved. Under the irony of fate, the two sisters end up falling for two men who are against each other. Facing the dark tides brewing within Zhou Dynasty, the two sisters does not forget their beginnings, and work together to secure the reign of Zhou.





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