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I Can't Afford A Maid 这丫环我是用不起了 [2021]


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2sSQAWI.jpgChinese title: 这丫环我是用不起了
English title:  I Can't Afford A Maid
Genre: Historical, Romance
Director: Ma Cheng Cheng (马成成)
Screenwriter: Xiao Yu Hang (肖宇杭), Zhang Zhi Chao (张智超), Xie Jie Ling (谢洁玲)
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Date: 26th May 2021



Zheng HongQiu as Yue ZiYuan

Wang RunZe as YangXiao

Lin FengSong as YangZhuo

Shao XingYing as Bai YinRuo

Xiong YueXi

Ren YinSong

Jiang ShengNan






















It tells the story of Yue Ziyuan, young mistress of Shen Wei Armed Escort, who accepted a last minute task to protect the Bai Family's daughter 

Bai Yinruo, until her day of marriage. She finds out that Bai Yinruo's fiance is Yang Xiao. In order to make Yang Xiao marry Bai Yinruo, Yue Ziyuan was forced to cooperate with Yang Xiao and lead Shen Wei Armed Escort on a new journey of adventure.

Bai Yinruo and Yang Xiao work together with various young heroes of Jianghu to find out the truth of his parents' death, and also restore the Gui Yue Commercial Road. They undergo adventures and also find love in the process. 

(Source: DramaWiki)


Official Sites:

Weibo l Baidu l Douban

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well i'm up to episode 17 @Tofu so far its pretty cool and eventful in between ZiYuan and YangXiao even though i cant stand YinRuo as she doesnt look the age for one....and how she only think of things from her stand point and not others....


ZiYuan shouldnt had butted into the things from the beginning....in between YinRuo and YangXiao....she should let it be play by the roll of fate ... YinRuo stay in her book and live in the world of her books...and blame everyone besides her for her downfall....


she can blame you for 1 thing and then seek your help again after another thing....


ZiYuan had actually cut her ties with YangXiao however it was YinRuo who pushes them together again and then later she again blame ZiYuan for butting into the relationship between her and YangXiao...


not to mention that YinRuo was smitten by YangXiao appearance and never took the times to understand him....she is pretty superficial in my opinion...

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On 5/29/2021 at 12:38 PM, Tofu said:

The title on iQIYI is now, Maid Escort. Hahaha!!


It still says it's coming soon? Here's the link to it on iQIYI once it's released, I guess. :jiminbtssigh:



what the......Maid Escort??? .... sorry the title is totally wrong...i prefer 'I Can't Afford A/ This Maid' it sounds a lot better

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48 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

what the......Maid Escort??? .... sorry the title is totally wrong...i prefer 'I Can't Afford A/ This Maid' it sounds a lot better

I know, the new name just sounds completely wrong. :laugh:



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