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With You / Together 在一起 [2020]


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Chinese Title: 在一起 [ Zai Yi Qi ]

Also Known as: Together - 在一起同行
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Guangdong TV
Broadcast Website: Tencent, iQiYI Youku
Broadcast Date: September 29 - October 08, 2020           
Air Time: 2 eps Daily
Genre: Anti-Epidemic, Modern
Episodes: 20


Synopsis and Plot Summary
The story is composed of ten stories of ordinary people coming forward to fight the COVID-19 epidemic at the epicenter of Wuhan, China.

It's about the people and the events that occurred as the Chinese military sought to combat the epidemic, among them are medical workers who did not hesitate to help the people; medical workers travelled from all over the place to provide support; military doctors lived up to their calling and swore to move forward even at the cost of their lives.

There are ordinary yet selfless delivery guys and drivers; some saved themselves and saved others; there are construction workers who laboured tirelessly to build the Huoshenshan Hospital; there are those whose work take root in prevention and control to become public security personnel; a youth who stayed in Wuhan by mistake became a volunteer; there are people who overcame many difficulties to resume work in order to manufacture masks. These ordinary people are the main force who drove the fight against the epidemic.

Source: Chinesedrama.info



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Additional Sites
Baidu | Douban | Weibo


Airing Sites
WeTV | Tencent Youtube | IQIYI


Other Commentary

  • Filming took places across China, including Shanghai, Qingdao, Sanya and other locations.
  • The 20-episode Chinese anthology drama is made up of 10 stories with each story lasting 2 episodes.
  • It is China's second TV Series that chronicles its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
  • The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has affected over 4 million individuals around the world, and over 310,000 people have lost their lives. The mental and economic distresses caused by this global pandemic are widespread, and the importance of togetherness and hope have never been more significant.

    To strengthen’s everyone’s fighting spirit and pay homage to the front liners fighting the disease, Mainland China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) approved a ten-part, 20-episode television series 在一起, which follows a team of medical workers fighting COVID-19 in makeshift hospitals.

  • Yang Yang (杨洋) is the first actor confirmed to star in the 2-episode sub-series 在一起. The young actor plays Dr. Le Bin, a hot-blooded medical resident who volunteers to fight against the disease in Wuhan. Prior to filming the show, Yang Yang consulted a surgeon prior to learn more about their medical roles. “He’s just a normal guy,” said Yang Yang. “But through this character I get to feel his hot-blooded positivity and attitude. It’s a very meaningful role.”

  • For a more realistic portrayal, the cast in 在一起 wore minimal to no makeup. The ten-part series is based on true events that occurred over the past few months in the coronavirus battle.

  • The crew rebuilt makeshift coronavirus hospitals to emulate the temporary hospitals that China had built in Wuhan to accommodate the increase in cases.

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Episode Guides



Episode 01-02

2020.09.29 ~ The turning point and the start of the pandemic

Stared by: Zhang Jiayi, Zhou Yiwei, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Tianai, and Mei Tỉng


Episode 03-04

2020.09.30 ~ Delliveryman

Stared by: Lei Jiayin, Nini, Jiang Xin and Zhang Jinchu


Episode 05-06

2020.10.01 ~ Go Together 

Stared by: YangYang, Angel Zhao, Zhang Yunlong and Ren Zhong


Episode 07-08

2020.10.02 ~ Rescuer

Stared by: Zhu Yawen, Xulu, ZhaoWei, Yu Ailei, Qu Zhazha and YinFang.


Episode 09-10

2020.10.03 ~ 24Hour Search

Stared by: Huang Jingyu, Li Xiaoran, Wei Qing and Zhang Xỉ


Episode 11-12

2020.10.04 ~ The Battle of Vulcan Mountain

Stared by: Chen Shu, Lu Yi and Kan Qingzi


Episode 13-14

2020.10.05 ~ Shelter

Stared by: Jin Dong, Sun Jiayu, Mao Xiaohui, Huang Zhizhong, Wang Zijian and Yang Kun.


Episode 15-16

2020.10.06 ~ My Name Is Dalian

Stared by: DengLun, LiQin, Dong Jie, Liu Lin, Li Baihui, Jiang Chao

Cameo: ShenYue 


Episode 17-18

2020.10.07 ~ Mask

Stared by: Hai Qing, Feng Shaofeng, Dong Xuan, Tu Songyan, and Duan Bowen

Cameo: Bao Jianfeng, wang Jianguo and SunLi


Episode 19-20

2020.10.08 ~ Wuhan Citizens

Stared by: Liu Mintao, Jia Nailiang, Ni Dahong, Xi Meijuan, Zhang Meng, Wang Yizhe and Tong Mengshi.


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Judging from my personal chat to my friends, everyone can tell I really really like this series...... because The drama, carries a Hopeful message to us the viewers, even if you're not from China, and from other countries, The message can still be felt.. Hang on there, Help will come, We will get through the pandemic together.

Despite the sadness and sometimes helplessness we see, every segment of this drama sends a strong message of hope, every individual, every doctors, volunteers, even us, a simple working person, we all should work hard to get through this together. 


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This series is so timely. Some still think COVID19 is a joke and prefer to believe pseudo science than facts.


It's not the time to be selfish during the pandemic. This is the time that we all have to do our part in solving the problem, and to take care of each other.


This was from 7mo ago. The song's message is still true.



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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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actually there are alot of medic that sacrifice their times and energy and also put their life in lines to stay back and fight with the rest to contain this, when it first exploded in China alot of ppl condemn them on how they lock down their city to contain the virus from spreading.....however what now?


some of the medic willingly step up and walk in the lines of fire to help.....and some stay back....willing stay back to fight and to give hope to the patients that there are still ppl fighting with them



"I want to stay back"


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also.....MaiMai play the nurse character where she is willingly walk and cycle all the way back to WuHan to be part of the team....i'm sure there are many nurses or some doctors that did the same....what they are showing is only the individual 


fighting guys.....lets do our part and fight this pandemic together, we live thru this we will come out for a better tomorrow!!!




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I just started this. I actually am done already with Ep3 and Ep4 in YT having Eng sub. It's available in WeTV here, so I guess I'll start now from the very first. 


Jiayou to the family members, friends, and acquaintances who are in the frontline. You are missed a lot. At least there's soc med to be in touch. Grateful, very grateful that all of you are still well. 


BTW, In WeTV it's available until Ep14 in English to date. 


Early review: I'm glad the actors kept it real. No too perfect look,  bare skin, it's as raw as how is it really in hospital settings.

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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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Later, I might finish up to ep6 or ep8. 


41 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

at the very least we are all still connected and im thankful for that too


Yes, it's wonderful that there's social media when almost everyone's isolated. I don't even mind anymore which time of the day/night I'm getting DMs. 🙂

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Ep 5-6 Quick Recap


The peach boy can act! 👍


Lighthearted moments: Old technology may be old, but can complement/take over with the new where it fails. 😉


Heartbreaking scene: IMO, when the parent gave the consent for the son's body, and the reason why. 😔 


Will try to see till Ep10 tonight. 🙂 Will I now reach for the tissues for Eps7-10? @NiteWalker, @Lynne 

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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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