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Sniper 瞄准 [2020 Airing]

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Chinese title: 瞄准 / Miao Zhun
English title: Sniper

Genre: Military, Action

Episodes: 57

Director: Wu Bai

Broadcast Period: 10/9/2020




Huang Xuan as Su Wenqian
Chen He as Chi Tiecheng
Yang Cai Yu as Ouyang Xiangling
Li Xi Rui as Qin Zishu
Zhang Hong Rui as Cao Bida
Fu Mei as Dan Leng
Lin Dong Fu as Qin Henian
Yao An Lian as Lao Die
Chi Zhi Qiang as Chief Li
Wang Long Zheng as Yang Zhiliang
Wang Yan Hui as Ye Guanying
Wang Ting Wen as Qin Xue
Huo Qing as Principal Fang
Liu En Jia as Jiang Lan
Bao Xiao as Jiang Zi
Lu Tu as Zhang Xueyi
Ye Liu as Wang Xiuquan
Yu Tian (于湉) as Chen Liansheng
Ji Yun Shu



Two legendary snipers with a seamless partnership find themselves on opposite sides due to differences in values and beliefs. One dangerous mission brings about a deadly battle that takes place in the shadows.
During the spring of 1949, expert sniper Su Wenqian who's been hiding his identity receives a mission to come into the special crimes division as a consultant in order to take down an organization of secret assassins. At the same time, the enemy sends in Chi Tiecheng who is their number one assassin.
Su Wenqian used to be an activist against Japanese occupation and he was partners with Chi Tiecheng for many years. After many life and death encounters with the members of special crimes, Su Wenqian who once vowed never to use a gun again starts to see hope and finds a reason to fight again. Two friends with unmatched lethal skills engage in a battle of wits and will.


(Source: Chinesedrama.info)




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