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A Little Thing Called First Love初恋那件小事 2019

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Editor: @stroppyse


An ugly duckling trying to find her footing in society, she lacks confidence in herself due to her appearance. However her infatuation for Liang YouNian changes her and makes her determined to better herself. So she starts to change and push herself to be better so that she can stand beside the guy she has fallen for, but these changes were done as phases rather than a sudden change all at once.
As she slowly changes herself so that she can stand besides the prince she is in love with, she finds out that she is not just changing for him. Rather, she is also changing for herself, learning to take a stand for own self as well. She is able to take pride in her own work as well as be able to shine like the star that she is. While as for our prince, he learns that there are times when you need to let things go so that you can live on.
During the transition where MiaoMiao slowly changes her appearances for the better and gains more confidence in her own ability, YouNian realizes that what he felt for MiaoMiao was more than the sisterly affection he had thought he felt.  This realization comes to him when his buddy laughs at him for acting as if he’s being ignored by the girl he is in love with. I love how YouNian transitions from being a protective brother into a protective boyfriend, and love all those small moments whenever YouNian and MiaoMiao share a scene together.


Plot/story: 8/10 Don't like the very beginning of the part of the story since the beginning feels a little draggy. However, the story picks up from their University period and as it shows how they transition from one phase of life into another.


Cast/acting: 9/10 Good acting on Lai GuanLin on his debut in drama land which was also his first leading role. This was also the first time I was introduced to Zhao JinMai who played MiaoMiao. The cast who acted as MiaoMiao's and YouNian's friends are also pretty steady. They give off the right sense of being buddies who look after one another as well. The only one i didn’t really like was the guy who acted as YouNian's stepbrother from his father’s second marriage. 
Production value: 8/10 Love the props they have for the architecture students and fashion students. Also, the setting they have for the students’ class room is really casual and yet still feels like a study room.


Re-watch value:  8/10 On and off, I still love to watch this drama whenever I feel like having to watch a high school love story.

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I finished watching this today and it was a cute drama. I enjoyed it! I agreed that Lai Guan Lin did well for his first leading role debut. There were some scenes that he was a little stiff but it didn't bother me too much. 


I appreciated that their "second lead" Kaituo did not spend too much time dwelling on his rejection from MiaoMiao. I also liked that he was able to move on pretty quickly too. I disliked it when they drag out the whole second lead bit and turn them into horrible human beings because they were rejected. His love line with He Xin was cute -- definitely your bad boy fall in love with cute girl. 


The amount of slow-mo used in this drama made me laughed. I think I had to fast forward some of them because it was getting too long for me. Haha!


Overall, I liked the drama and definitely worth checking out if you want to watch a first love/cute drama. :smile:

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22 hours ago, Tofu said:

Overall, I liked the drama and definitely worth checking out if you want to watch a first love/cute drama. :smile:


actually i love MiaoMiao parents too....they are really cute to watch too hahahaha...


i just think to myself why do they always give curly hairs for aunties or like what we love to call now 'AhJummas' hahahaha


she is a pretty woman to be honest....however those curly hair did her no justice lols

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1 hour ago, NiteWalker said:

i just think to myself why do they always give curly hairs for aunties or like what we love to call now 'AhJummas' hahahaha

I have no idea too! Whenever I see it it makes me think of an episode of the American show, Fresh Off the Boat. They called it successful perms because when you have one, it means you made it. :laugh:

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