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Delicious Romance 爱很美味 [2021]

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Delicious Romance 爱很美味


Chinese title: 爱很美味 / Ai Hen Mei Wei
English title: Delicious Romance

Genre: Romance

Director: Leste Chen, Xu Zhao Ren

Episodes: 12

Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video

Broadcast Date: Nov. 26th, 2021



Li Chun
Zhang Han Yun
Wang Ju
Zhou Cheng Ao
Liu Dong Qin
Ren Bin
Zhang Fan
Yang Bo Xiao



Delicious Romance follows three urban beauties whose lives reflect to varying degrees the intimacy between contemporary men and women.

Among them, Liu Jing (Li Chun) is a perfectionist food blogger who is extremely picky when it comes to finding a partner. Divorced anchor Fang Xin (Kristy Zhang) is troubled by love despite her outstanding looks. Xia Meng (Wang Ju) is a corporate powerhouse whose success has made her boyfriend feel insecure. These women who have experienced hardships in business, oppression in the workplace and setbacks in their relationships come to have a new understanding towards life. (Credit)



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