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The Story of the Bat 夜燕白 [Pending]

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The Story of the Bat 夜燕白


Chinese title: 夜燕白 / Ye Yan Bai
English title: The Story of the Bat 

Genre: Wuxia

Director: Shi Lei

Novel: Bat by Feng Nong

Episodes: 36

Broadcast Date: 2021

Broadcasting Network: Mango TV



Zhang Yao as Bai Shaoqing
Mao Zi Jun as Feng Long
Lu Xiao Yu
Liu Yu Han
Cheng Yan Qiu
Yang Chao Wen
Chen Ming Hao
Liu Li Jie
Jin Chao
Qi Hang


The story of four young heroes hailing from the prominent families of Wulin; Feng Junlong, Bao Shaoqing, Xu Lingxiu and Sima Yan who work together to investigate the famed murderer "Bian Fu (Bat)". In the midst of investigation, they unveil the mystery left behind by the good and evil forces of Jianghu twenty years ago. From constantly suspecting one another to eventually attaining mutual trust and support, the four youths went through numerous tribulations and challenges, bravely pursuing the ideal jianghu and justice of their hearts. (Credit)


Official Websites:

Baidu | Weibo | Douban




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