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The Dreamlike Seal 如梦令 [2021]


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VEtSy6x.jpgEnglish Title: The Dreamlike Seal
Chinese Title: 如梦令 Ru Meng Ling
Broadcast Date: February 6, 2021            
Genre: Historical, Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Director: Wu Qiang
Screenwriter: Wang Xiaowu, Yang Shunzhou
Production Company: Tencent Pictures



Viva Ho as Baili Xingxuan
Caesar Wu as Fu Ye
Yang Yubin as Jingxuan











After the master of Zhaohua City died, the highly-coveted Ru Meng Ling, which is a symbol of power, falls into the hands of Baili Xingxuan. In order to escape the people after her, she acts as a substitute for a bride and marries a man infamous for being the "black sheep" of his family or so she thinks.


Because of the Ru Meng Ling, Baili Xingxuan (Viva Ho) is on the run from the men that the eldest young master has sent after her. In order to get out of danger, she assumes the identity of Su Yin, the daughter of an escort group, and marries into the Fu family. She meets the legendary Fu Ye (Caesar Wu) who only knows how to drink and revel night after night. In truth, he is the chivalrous hero "Red Rakshasa" whose identity is a secret. Their relationship soon grows into that of a romance.


However, the fight to become the master of the city has become even deadlier. In order to fulfill her father's wish, Baili Xingxuan had to return to the third young master Jingxuan (Yang Yubin) whom she is betrothed to. Faced with a fiancee that she's known since childhood, Baili Xingxuan is conflicted because her heart already belongs to Fu Ye. On the way to escort Baili Xingxuan to Zhaohua City, Fu Ye's family is caught in a crisis and all signs point to Baili Xingxuan as the culprit. 

(Cr: http://www.chinesedrama.info/2021/02/web-drama-ru-meng-ling.html)


Official Site:


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@NiteWalker oh, it's the guy from Chang An Youth and General's Lady!! I quite like him. And I absolutely hated her guts in TSATB, which goes to show, she's a pretty gud actress! Two minutes per episode you say? Ok, I'm gonna binge watch.

You know, lately they have quite a few of these 2-3 min web-dramas. In particular, I really enjoyed Please Don't Spoil Me, the trilogy, pity the ending was meh (like someone said, if it's gonna be a fantasy, the ending shouldn't be so darn practical.)

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