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Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 [2021]


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21EherS.jpgSource: Dramawiki

Title: 一不小心捡到爱 / Yi bu xiao xin jian dao ai
English title: Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24

Director: Zhong Qing
Screenwriters: Yan Wen (颜文), Dai Qi
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 20th May 2021



Zhao Lu Si as Gu Anxin
Liu Te as Ling Yue
Zhou Jun Wei as Gu Ansheng
Qi Pei Xin as Ling Sheng
Li Mu Chen as Gu Xin'er
Liu Yin Jun as Xiao Yishan
Zhang Yan as Ai Li
Zong Yuan Yuan as You You
Liu Zhe Hui as Zhao Lei
He Peng as Ling Fang
Wang Ce as Ling Tian
Song Yuan Yuan as You You



The story revolves around a delivery-woman named Gu Anxin who accidentally knocks over the heir of a corporation. The paranoiac Ling Yue requests for Anxin to take responsibility, and so she has no choice but to take him back to her home for recovery. Thus began a love story between two people with different personalities and identities.




Official Links:

Weibo l Baidu l Douban

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6 minutes ago, gween97 said:

This is available on iqyi or wetv?

Unfortunately, no. :cry:


It's a Youku drama, so it's available there or if you scroll a few posts up, I posted the link for the English subs at YoYo's YT channel. 

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this series isnt that bad....LiuTe improved...not as stiff as he was when i first saw him in 'My Dear Lady' to me he was pretty stiff there...here he seems to be a bit more relax..and a bit more natural....


not too bad a story even though of course the stories a bit loose...the plots can make it work....and at least i do not have to bear with secretary/ assistant crushing on their boss in here...i have no problem with that however too many plots lines involving or revolve around the same thing does make it sounded a little plain....


Lusi aka AnXin in this drama is quite a stubborn character on some grounds, she tried to look and be independent when she is actually quite fragile on the insides, she went thru some traumatic past that yet to be reveal and also the main reason why the family Gu decided to let go of her adoption yet to be fully reveal even though everyone in the family Gu is pointing to AnXin that she is at fault....


while LiuYe bumping in AnXin is purely accidental, he knew who she was from the start....i wont say too much i think better to leave some gap for u guys to fill up lols

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