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See You Again 超时空罗曼史 [2022]

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1KNwUnV.jpgTitle: 超时空罗曼史 / Chao Shi Kong Luo Man Shi
English title: See You Again
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episodes: 24

Director: Huang Ying Xiang
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: Monday, September 5th, 2022



Hu Yi Tian as Xiang Qin Yu
Chen Yu Qi as Jin A Yin
Wang Tian Chen as Li Da Long
Bai Bing as Chen Mu Mu
Liu Yi Tong as Ma Ze Hao
Dai Wen Wen as Tao Tao
Hei Ze as Jin Chuan
Zhang Xue Han as Teng Xi



A celebrity in the republican era time-travels and meets a screenwriter in the modern times. The two end up cohabiting, and fall in love with each other gradually over time.

[Source: Dramawiki]













Official Links

Weibo l Douban l Baidu

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Ohh...it's a time travel drama. Interesting...:pandathink:


I'm not a huge fan of Hu Yi Tian. I've only seen him in two dramas and I liked the other actors more (Zhang Yun Long and Chen Zhe Yuan). Since this is only 24 episodes, I might consider giving it a shot. 

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