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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 [2021]

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67CnEnf.jpgTitle: 号手就位 / Hao Shou Jiu Wei
English title: The Glory of Youth
Genre: Military
Episodes: 49

Director: Li Lu, Zhang Han Bing
Screenwriter: Ying Liang Peng, Zu Rong Meng (祖若蒙), Xue Tian Zhi (薛天智)
Broadcast network: Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast period: Apr/13/2021



Li Yi Feng as Xia Chu
Chen Xing Xu as Ouyang Jun
Zhang Xin Yu as Huang Wen
Xiao Yang as Lang Yongcheng
Duan Bo Wen as Lin Anbang
Dong Chun Hui as Yi Zimeng
Wang Da Qi as Lu Zheng
Yu Zhen as Yu Quanhai
Yu Bo as An Lei
Jiang Tong
Fan Lei as Wang Xianmin
Chunyu Shan Shan
Zhang Ruo Nan as Liang Nuo
Wang Ying Xin as An Lei's daughter
Deng Sha
Gao Jin as Qi Peng
Sang Ming Sheng as Shao Shuai
Zhu Ling Wu as Yan Yibing
Du Juan as Zuo Li
Yu Xiao Ming
Tara Clance as Host
Xu Yi Xuan
Li Zi Er as Zhou Hong
Du Yuan
Cui Bo



A story about a group of university students who join the army and become soldiers for the rocket force. Under the leadership of old soldiers with special skillsets, their bodies and minds are put to the test in order to become full-fledged soldiers.

Hapless romantic Xia Zhuo, 2nd generation military man Ouyang Jun, flower boy Lin An Bang and the sloppy king Yi Zi Meng are four roommates who go to the same university and live in the same dorm. For reasons of their own, they have become student recruits for the rocket force. However, one look at the army troops and a feeling of regret sweeps over them.

In the coming days, Xia Zhuo and the boys come to realize the hierarchy within the organization. Only men who have been soldiers for over 10 years can be considered soldiers. Only those in the army for over 20 years can be considered veterans. Those who have been in the army for over 25 years are treasures. As they face different seniors with different skills, the new recruits find themselves at odds with the old soldiers. Nonetheless, their journey serves as the finest example of what youth has to offer.
(Source: Chinesedrama.info)


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