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Astringent Girl ll Brilliant Girls 涩女郎 ll 爱的理想生活 [2021]


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Source: Dramawiki & MyDramalist

Title: 爱的理想生活 / Ai De Li Xiang Sheng Huo
English Title:  Brilliant Girls
Also known as: 涩女郎 (Se Nv Lang) / Astringent Girl
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 43

Director: Li Jiang Ming
Screenwriter: Gu Xiao Bai, Jin Lu (金璐)
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: Mar/01/2021



Yin Tao as Wen Ruxue
Song Yi as Dai Xixi
Zhao Jin Mai as Wen Xiaoyang
Nita Lei as Ding Yunqiao
Hu Lian Xin as Qi Yue
Wei Da Xun as Duan Xu
Sun Yi Zhou as Li Wensen
Yang Shuo as Bai Xiangwen
Tan Kai as Du Jiamu
Shi An
Wang You Jun



This is a story about five women living together in the same villa who each has a different attitude towards love. One is willing to marry any man with a pulse: "Jie Hun Kuang" (Crazy for Marriage) One wants love, but not in marriage: "Wan Ren Mi" (The Ten Thousand Year Fox) One is interested in work, but not in love: "Nan Ren Po" (Tomboy) One who no man can figure out: "Tian Zhen Mei" (Naive Girl). 



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