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Doctor Lawyer 닥터 로이어 [2022]

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On 7/3/2022 at 4:39 PM, Chocolate said:


Maybe he's the kind who likes to take long breaks in between, or go do a musical or variety show? Out of curiosity, did you watch all the Master In The House episodes with SSR? 😂


He used to have several dramas per year or at least 1 kdrama per year. 2021 was the first year with no SSR drama (minus his army years) since his debut. I'm glad I got a drama in 2022. I hope a get another soon 😂


Yes I have watched all his Master in the House eps. I paused while he was in quarantine and continued only to watch his final ep 😭. After that I stopped watching the show 😅

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Helloooo, sorry I wasn’t participating in the discussion. I binged this yesterday after coming back from my traveling. 

Thoughts after watching - there were actually great moments and cliffhangers and twists, but overall, the blunders and plot-holes were too many for me to rate this drama highly. It is watchable for me just because of the cast.

I especially like how they are able to keep Jayden’s story till the very end. That I thought was a meaningful reveal, although I had guessed it when Jayden said he needs to meet someone and wants to postpone the surgery. 

Evil director is really so despicable. Not to mention that evil mother. I gasped out so loud when it was revealed she left the surgery room. Sad to see these are the people fighting to be in the seats of leadership of a nation. Urgh!! And the old man with Alzheimer’s... what was he thinking running for a president with his condition. It’s scary how power hungry are these people 🙄

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