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Unlock My Boss 사장님을 잠금해제 [2022-2023]


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Unlock My Boss 사장님을 잠금해제



Korean Title: Sajangnimeul Jamgeumhaeje / 사장님을 잠금해제
English Title: Unlock My Boss
Adapted FromUnlock the Boss (사장님을 잠금해제) by Park Seong Hyun (Webtoon)
Director: Lee Chul Ha (Previous work: Ok! Madam and Insane)
Writer: Kim Hyung Min (Previous work: Sweet Home)
Produced By: KT Studio Genie, ENA
Episodes: 12
Release Date: December 7th, 2022
English Subtitles: Viki
Official Website: ENA



Kim Seon Ju (Park Sung Woong), a 39-year old genius CEO of a large corporation accidentally died and become a smartphone. Park In Seong (Chae Jong Hyeop), a 29-year-old job seeker, accidentally picked up the smartphone. He works together with Kim Seon Ju to find the murderer. 



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14 hours ago, Tofu said:

No news yet. I think there were talks about it airing later in the year. 


Chae Jong Hyeop is so cute, I want to see him in dramaland again. :heart:



...In a better drama than the last one! :laugh: I miss The Witch's Diner...I want that level of chemistry and story-telling :heart:

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