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Ishiko to Haneo: Sonna Koto de Uttaemasu? 石子と羽男―そんなコトで訴えます? [2022]

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Ishiko to Haneo: Sonna Koto de Uttaemasu? (2022)



Called Ishiko because she is obstinate, 28-year-old Ishida Shoko graduated at the top of her class at Tokyo University’s law faculty but has failed the bar exam four times. Although she tells the people around her that it is not that she cannot become a lawyer but that she ought not to, Ishiko gave up on the bar exam out of fear that she would fail again. She has been working as a paralegal at her father Wataro’s law firm. 34-year-old Haneoka Yoshio, a high school graduate who dropped out of university in the US after six months and spent several years wandering around the country, passed the bar exam on his first try thanks to his photographic memory. He professes to be Haneo with a personality as light as a feather and brands himself an unconventional talented lawyer. In reality, he lacks the ability to respond to situations and his train of thought grinds to a halt when the unexpected happens. The two of them with their own inferiority complexes are thrown together when Haneo makes the acquaintance of Ishiko’s father and comes to the law firm.

(Source: Jdramaswordpress/TBS) 


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Native Title: 石子と羽男―そんなコトで訴えます?―
Also Known As: Ishiko and Haneo
Director: Tsukahara Ayuko, Yamamoto Takeyoshi
Screenwriter: Nishida Masafumi
Genres: Comedy, Law, Life, Drama
Tags: Lawyer Supporting Character, Lawyer Male Lead, Hidden Past, Law Firm, Miniseries, Episodic Format, Investigation 
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 10
Aired: Jul 15, 2022 - Sep 16, 2022
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: TBS
Duration: 54 min.



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I probably will just talking with myself here. So here we go 😅


Ep 1 and 2 is kind of fast paced and colourful, when I said colourful it's really indeed plenty of colour with his clothes and her clothes 😂 


Both of them lacking something and each having something that the other don't have, so they're completing each other. They also didn't know each other well at the beginning. But recently she found out that despite of his photographic memory, he was outcasted on his previous law firm. And he knew that she's from single mother family who's struggling in life before (from ep 2 case). 


Ishiko junior (Oba) seems to be holding flame of her and at times I found her looking at him favourably too. This is a bit different with bickering between Haneo and Ishiko. Haneo seems curious about Oba true feeling to her, but he mentioned he want to know just because he's not good at this. Sort of odd reason 🤔, but well he's a bit of genius so maybe things working different for him. Eventhough I personally like Ishiko and Haneo pairing more, but this drama not tagged with romance ? And the way Ishiko looked at Oba kind of worrying me. Is this going to be sort of forbidden romance? As at times I think Haneo kind of having some interest at her? 





Haneo background also seems misterious, he avoided someone's call which seems to be his family and high possible it's his mom? 


Ishiko family also kind of confused me, so his father was not there when she growing up? Or its a stepfather ? Seems the surename is different. 


Overall I'm quite liking this drama, the rating seems not too high only 6.9% for J Wikipedia. It seems along the way we will found out more about the leads, and probably they will have deeper connection too later. Tomoya delivered another different characters, this time he's not a cold president or weird detective. His personality here seems to be quite cheerful, talk a lot, but at times holding something inside. 

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I finished both episodes and I enjoyed them! The bickering between them is funny and cute at the same time. I think they balance each other out. He's a little more eccentric with his way of thinking so it's nice to have her there to bring him down a couple of notches. LOL @ her always talking to him about ethics. :lmao2:


Akaso Eiji :heart: He looks like a lost puppy in almost every scene. :laugh:

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On 8/7/2022 at 10:38 AM, SilverMoonTea said:

Really wonder what this will be all about? 

I like the way his hair is styled here better. Hahaha!


I might wait another episode before I binge too. The struggles with liking Japanese dramas. :nervous:

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Ep 3 is another solid episode. The case is quite simple but still it's moving. It's about how fast trailer clip in Youtube can make the viewer don't want to go to cinema to watch the full movie. 


I think Ishiko and Haneo relationship also progressing. They kind of relying to each other, she asking him help and vice versa. Eventhough they're still non stop bickering, but felt something has changed between them. And they're more civilized on the phone call than in person :lol:


Cr. Owner


And how surprising that Haneo actually is from distinguished elite family and they seems have high expectation upon him. 


Good news @Tofuthe rating in Japan also increased from 6.9% to 8.4% 

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I can't help myself and checking up ep 4, eventhough I know nothing of Japanese lols.


I not sure why Ishiko asked Haneo to ate together at her admirer restaurant haha...And while she asked him out, Oba was staring intensely at them. And she purposedly closed the door so Oba can't hear them speaking. 


After the commotion at bar and Haneo hurt, Ishiko send Haneo home and Oba went by himself. Poor guy this Oba? He also seems to be hurt a little, but she choose to send Haneo home. And Haneo invited her to hang around at the staircase of his apartment. Not sure what's their conversation are , but it reminded me of Oba invited her before to his room  and saying his room was messy lols. In any case, she's just not the type to enter any man's room easily.


She's kind of prioritizing Haneo in my eyes, eventhough probably not deliberately and most likely not even in romantic capacity. But there's something special about Ishiko and Haneo that hard for others to interrupt. It's kind of bond that stronger than just mere love. 



Some translation from J Website :


What was exquisite this time was their clumsy way of inviting. Ishiko brings up the story of natto and kurando (I think some type of nuts) and invites him out for a drink to cheer up Haneo, who is shocked by what her sister said.


On the other hand, Haneo talks about hometown tax and draft beer and invites Ishiko to drink with him. Neither of them are honest at all. However, because the slightly troublesome aspects are very similar, a warm feeling wells up when I look at them.


More details :



According to the writer of that article, Oba is totally smitten with her, she's not really seen Haneo in romantic way, and Haneo might be a bit conscious of Ishiko as a woman. And wonder if this will become a full blown love triangle? 





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I've seen too many spoiler ahead 😅 

He worried about her... she shed some tears... It felt like romance but also not a romance... interesting 



Ep5 details on above scene :


From Yahoo JP 


Haneo sees through Ishiko's poor health. Up until now, Haneo has been accompanied by Ishiko on investigations. However, this time, halfway through, he told Ishiko, "Aren't you being too intrusive? You're a paralegal. You have to follow my policy," and instructed her to work inside the office.


Even so, Ishiko helps with the investigation and Haneo asks Oba to do instead, but Haneo forbids that as well. Ishiko asks, "Please let me be by your side as your partner." Sudden discord between the two who became "partners"... I thought it was, but it wasn't. In fact, Haneo had noticed that Ishiko was not feeling well. "Even if I told you to rest, you wouldn't listen," said Haneo.


The instructions were given after considering Ishiko's personality. Ishiko, who was suspected of having an ovarian cyst, went for an examination, and revealed that there would be no problem if treated. At that time, Ishiko murmured, "You've changed a bit, Sensei." It must have been on the inside.


I'm thrilled with "unspoken kindness"! Manjue commented on Shigeno, "The kindness that doesn't say anything is comfortable. Come on...", but it also overlaps with Haneo.


As the title was trending on Twitter for five consecutive weeks, many viewers were thrilled by Haneo's clumsy kindness. There were voices such as "I was blown away", "I cried at the scene where Ishiko endured Haneo's undirected kindness", and "I don't dislike clumsy consideration". 


Your boy confess @Tofu



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Now that I watched ep 4 with sub , some interesting point for me :


• Haneo actually prefer Ishiko to drink the beer at his room 😅 Actually now both men already tried to invite her to their room, but she stand still and rejecting them lols. I really wonder in the future whose room she will choose to enter 😂

Haneo's room have many boxes unopened, I often wonder if he intend to move away or he just too lazy to open the box, I not sure. 

Oba's room looks more simple and he perhaps just renting a one room. 



• This scene, also kind of extra lols. Its not like Ishiko in danger or what? It's just police want to interrogate them 😅




•So the reason she send Haneo home is on the pretext that it's cheaper to do so 😅 I don't know but I'm not exactly buying this logic, eventhough she might just unconsciously doing so. 


•Oba is for sure quite nervous with all this development, and he's also quite concerned with Haneo's sister comment, that she thinks Ishiko suit her brother well. And asking her to take care of him. 


• Haneo called Ishiko his partner & paralegal. I guess this is a major progress between them. And I wonder if Ishiko will become lawyer and partnered up with him in future. 


Having said all those points above, Oba seems still have a chance, Ishiko also welcoming him to come to help her investigating at night, but the bond between Ishiko & Haneo is kind of special, eventhough it's not in romantic way. I wonder where this will going between the three of them. 


Overall a nice episode, I think the theme is even by not seeing also can still believe & trust someone you loved earnestly. 

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Paravi ep 5 reviewer article : I cut some portion that I found interesting to ponder on.


This is a hopeful prediction, but I have a feeling that Ishiko will receive Oba's confession.


Ishiko and Haneo are a good duo, but it's nice to see them without romantic feelings, and I don't want to see Haneo and Oba fighting over Ishiko. It is an old story that if one woman has two men, there will always be a love triangle. Partners and lovers are separate. And I think it would be nice if you could draw a place where both are compatible without contradiction.


For full article :



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