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Checkmate 民国大侦探 [2022]


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Checkmate 民国大侦探



Chinese Title: Min Guo Da Zhen Tan / 民国大侦探
English Title: Checkmate
Director: Zhang Wei Ke (Previous work: My Roommate is a Detective)
Screenwriter: Wu Yuan Bo
Genre: Mystery, Detective
Episodes: 24
Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: August 10th, 2022



It tells the story of Situ Yan, a young lawyer from Peking who was dismissed from his post for sticking to his principles. He comes to Harbin to become a detective where he meets the forthright and wealthy friend Luo Shao Chuan in ensuing cases. He also meets Zhou Mo Wan, a woman who dares to love and hate. Together, they dig up a huge conspiracy. (Credit)


-- This drama is considered season two of My Roommate is a Detective but keep in mind that the story and characters are completely different. 


Official Websites 
Baidu | Weibo | Douban



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Zhang Yun Long as Luo Shaochuan



Hu Yi Tian as Situ Yan


Zhang Xin Yu as Zhou Mowan / Fang Huaijin



Xuan Yan as Jin Qiming
Shen Yu Jie (沈羽洁) as Zou Jingxuan
Ma Rui as Madame Shen
Ji Chen Mu as Fang Jianqi
Guo Zhen Yu as Xiao Liu
Ning Wen Tong as Police Officer Bao
Liu Min as Bai Shanshan
He Sai Fei as Princess Rong Xiang
Zeng Yong Ti as Dong Cixin
Zhang Hui Zhong as Luo Wensheng
Zhang Fan as Du Heng
Zhang Xiang as Li Hengjin
He Yong Sheng as Xie Hua
Wang Tong Hui as Yu Daren
Hou Chang Rong as Shen Jianxian
Qin Xue as Li Yantong
Sun Yan as Ma Shiying
Fang Xiao Li as Liao Yun
Lin Peng as Liu Zixie
Li Chun Ai as Xia Ruan
Cao Xin Yue as Shen Huatang
Cao Peng as Lao He
Mou Xing as Zheng Bai
Yu Jian as Zong Yan
Yu Xiao Lei as Wei Wenxi
Yang Ping as Wen Yi
Du He Qian as Shi Chunshan
Qiao Jun Da as Wang Jixiang
Liu Mei Ren as Qi Hong
Kai Er as Qiao Zhi
Li Ying Ying as Bai Lu
Pu Tao as Xu Fangting
Ji Xiao Fei as Wang Mingzheng
Qu Gang as Chief Wu


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Really excited that this has finally aired as it is the first official Chinese language adaptation of Agatha Christie works. Very curious to see how these are adapted, particularly since the main characters are nothing like Poirot by any stretch of imagination. Read from MyDramaList that it will apparently be an adaptation of 8 stories - "Murder on the Orient Express", "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", "The Four Suspects: A Miss Marple Short Story", "One, Two Buckle My Shoe", "The Kidnapped Prime Minister", "Five Little Pigs", "Three Act Tragedy" and "Curtain". Definitely looking forward to trying to identify which case is adapted. A little concerned about "Curtain" though since it will potentially be a tragic ending, but we shall see. 

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Signal, Thank You, Missing:The Other Side, Children of Nobody, Misaeng, Tree with Deep Roots, Story of a Man

步步惊心, 长相思, 琅琊榜之风起长林, 平凡的荣耀, 大鱼海棠, 九州缥缈录, 风声, 剑雨

Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Garden of Evening Mists

Mother, 空から降る一億の星, Ouroboros

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